Aero-G S107 3D Alloy-Metal Series 3 Channel RC Helicopter w/ Gyroscope

Before you start asking, “RC” in this case means “Remote Control.” It does not, however, mean “Radio Controlled.” It’s infrared operated like a TV remote, which means no flying in sunlight or even bright florescent lighting. It can also lose signal and fall from the “sky” if it flies behind an obstruction.

This seems to be a variation of the Syma S107 - and that little heli kicks serious tush.

Lots of fun, very easy to control. I’m down for two to of these to give as gifts.

This looks kind of cool. Here’s a YouTube video.

Oops, Steve-Z is correct. Video is a demo of the Syma S107-G. It looks identical to my untrained eye.

Woot read my mind! I’ve been looking at these lately and even with shipping this price beats anywhere by about $6 at least.

I can’t seem to find any info online about this “Aero-G” version of the S107 though. Is the only difference that it looks more badass?

If you are going to spend ANY money on an RC helicopter, I cannot suggest strongly enough to go for an RF chopper; IR is a joke. The gyroscope is another must-have, honestly, but IR really just isn’t worth it.

If it’s IR, I’m not sure why fluorescent lighting would be an issue. However, flying it in a room full of heat lamps might not work.

I bought another one that was listed as a S107 3D Alloy - Metal Series 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyroscope Feature I have not received it yet.

It looks to be the same exact one that is here at least from the box it looks the same. Though the pictures of the helicopter itself look different.

I was just wondering if anyone has used one of these Aero-G S107 compared to the Syma S107 and how close are they?

As a point of reference, I’ve got 2 Syma S107’s sitting here waiting to become x-mas gifts. Based on what I can tell, this is not identical to a Syma. Overall structure is the same, but the warning label on the Syma’s blades are different, and the remote is much different. That’s not to say they aren’t functionally equivalent, but it doesn’t look like a Syma to me.

Edit: FWIW, the Syma box also says 14+, this one says 8+. Also the gears inside the body appear to be much different on this one. I’m gonna say: Not a Syma.

I hear that one might as well stock up on some extra blades for these. Luckily since the S107 seems to be the most popular mini indoor heli model right now, parts are very easy to find.

I’m assuming regular S107 model parts will work on this one?

Reviews are excellent for the less sleek looking model at Amazon.

I don’t get all the negativity towards the infra-red controller. These are little durable indoor helicopters and they’re lots of fun.

HOWEVER, the IR vitriol would be warranted if, instead, it was directed toward the placement of the trim controls (trim should be on the shoulder). These $20 helicopters aren’t precision machines, so the trim needs to be regularly adjusted as the battery drains throughout flight. On this controller, that means you have to take your thumb off the steering to control trim, then back to steering, then back to trim, then back to steering, then back to the trim, then back t… FFUUUUUUUU!!!

Fluorescent lights (including CFLs) produce an IR signal that can swamp the IR receiver on some devices if it is at the correct frequency. It has something to do with the electronic ballast, but I’m not sure of the physics behind it.

Looks very similar to the one at Daily Steals today ( ) for $9.99 + shipping.

Any idea, moderator, if these come in different frequencies (for multi-players)?

Nah… that little dinky one is only two channels instead of three. Up/down, spin left/spin right. No directional control. Me thinks such a “toy” would be frustrating to play with.

Well… this model might as well be a “Woot Launch” because I can’t find anything online about it. (And yes, 10 minutes searching on google with no luck means it doesn’t exist.) I even tried punching in that “DH-1” on the side of the copter.

I just wish I could confirm that this is a Syma.

In for 1.

I don’t think this is the same product as the Syma, although it looks like it. This one has what looks like a single large drive gear turning the rotorshaft (presumably with a small gear on the motor, but that’s out of sight in the picture). The Syma has several smaller gears meshed together between the motor and the rotorshaft. I never had a Syma, but I noticed the difference from the pictures on the sites. Who knows what the other differences are?

But heck, its less than 25 bucks.

Different frequencies? Don’t you mean different wavelengths? These copters are controlled with infrared light, not radio. You could probably fly two or more in the same room if they were far enough apart, but close together isn’t likely to work.

Because its IR, does that mean it needs line of sight?

You don’t know me so I don’t expect you to take my word for it, but other than color, bodywork and the style of the RC, these are the same machines. Spare rotors for the Syma will work on this unit.

On edit…

I’m not sure that people are aware that the Syma s 107 is really not that much more money than this Aero G 107 version of the same machine. I saw the link to the 35 dollar kit at Amazon, but there are Syma s 107’s available new at Amazon for about 22 bucks (plus S&H.)