Aerobed Inclining Mattress

Anyone ever used this, and is it comfortable.

Based off the comments from the last time this was on woot, sounds like a comfortable inflatable matress.

Looks like this is a product featured on QVC, and they have the first reviews I’ve found on a model that looks like this one.
Looks so so, with some happy, some not so much. Looks like a full size used to retail for $200, though, so a decent deal.

Before you put it down on a carpet make sure that none of the nails holding down the carpet are exposed or you may end up with with a Holy air mattress. Experience from different model Aerobed.

I’d advise doing that before WALKING on that carpet.

I regularly used to walk on broken glass so I did not notice a few badly placed nails.

This would have been great last week when my cousin was in town. She wouldn’t have anything to complain about. This combined with the pillow of the day would be luxurious!

Hopefully you drank its contents before you broke the glass,

I don’t know how some of you lay carpet, but I run my tack stripping around the border of the room, lay my padding within the tack strip and staple it down.Cut, stretch and tuck my carpet over the stripping. Don’t think any nails should be sticking up. Who nails carpet down? Unless you’re a mobile home hillbilly hicster.

A good deal, if you’re so inclined.

Sounds like a good ‘laid back’ attitude.

I don’t like to make rash decisions when thinking about buying a bed so I think I’ll sleep on it.

I thought I wanted one last time Woot offered it. I contacted Coleman company. They said they had a know problem with the inflation pump. I still want one, it would be ideal for use in my Motorhome. So much better than packing so many pillows to have the back incline I like when I read or watch TV or DVDs in bed. I’m going to try one and see how long it works. I figure if I don’t expect it to raise me like a hospital bed and just inflate it where it looks comfortable, I should be fine.

Hey it was UGA and for some reason the party animals insisted on breaking beer bottles.

This bed would have been great back in the days I lived in a dorm but probably not permitted.

Dang! This would have been great for watching the Perseid meteor shower. Too late now… sigh!

I hope WOOT wont take this lying down.

This is a most awesome buy!
If you were thinking of purchasing an airbed this year, this is it.

Yes I purchased this bed in the queen size on the last woot. I have been using it about 2 weeks now and have not had any major leaks, though I did top off the air pressure once already. The air pump is noisy but fully inflates the bed in just a few minutes. My main con is that it is very hard to keep the main sheet affixed properly. But we do use several layers of sheets since our 90lb. dog shares this bed and 2 house cats. Claws are not welcome on any air bed. All in all it is quite comfortable, though I keep it at full firmness. The incline feature works quite well but I don’t use it much. At these prices, if you need an air bed it’s a value.