AeroBed Premier Queen Size Memory Foam Inflatable Bed




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Product Description
The AeroBed® Premier Memory Foam has all the convenience and quality of the AeroBed with an added layer of quality memory foam for the ultimate in customized sleeping comfort. AeroBed Premier Memory Foam is available in twin, full and queen sizes. All sizes inflate in less than 60 seconds with the powerful flat panel profile pump. The comfort control wands allow for easy inflation, deflation and personalized comfort adjustment.

After a great night’s sleep, AeroBed Premier Memory Foam deflates, rolls up and stores in its matching storage bag. Like all Aero products, AeroBed Premier Memory Foam is made of heavy-gauge PVC with electronically welded seams for lasting durability.


hah i’ll sleep on this one


I like this Woot a lot. These come in handy for way overbooked house parties.


I was thinking about getting a different brand of this, but still looks cool.


is this a good price?


SecretPrices has some at $189+ for various sizes

I have a different style of the AeroBed and its great for trips. This looks to be a nice deal.


this would end up soiled on a friday night


does it come with snore relief?


Is that a built in night light or is it some sort of lcd screen?


Does this use AC 120V or 240V ?


That sure seems like a lot of comfort for in-laws…


Can I use my Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon on this?


Could be handy for us down in Hurricane Alley - Florida.


Darn, the night I stay up, I already have one. Very comfortable, more rugged than cheaper air mattresses, and oh so convenient for unexpected guests.


own it already.
love it.
so easy to inflate.


A BED??? wow and $150??? Yeah it has memory foam but you can get a queen size inflattable at walfart for like $40!!! Jeez!!


That memory foam sure is something.


standard 120.

assuming its like my older model of this bed


Nuts, ive got a twin. Can you cut this down?