Aerobed Sport Bed in a Minute II

Tons of reviews to be found on Amazon…

Some on Buzzillions too…

I was afraid this was gonna be refurbished

This is awesome in for 1 if i had the money

I love my Aerobed. We got ours at Costco so we could easily swap it out if it sprung a leak.

love these things. own one and it’s awesome.

meh… I sleep on an air mattress from wal-mart that is double tall and has its own pump I got for $40 every night… My friend has one of these aerobed® for traveling and it is way less comfortable… big ass divots…

Other than space, is there any particular reason not to get the King size?

Target has the Coleman Queen size bed for $20 and the pump for another $20 without sales or promotions. Head to your local target and pick it up for $40 + tax.

Snuggle? Got a king?

sheets, blankets, etc… would need to be king sized, probably easier/cheaper to find that stuff when needed

But it wasn’t an AeroBed. These things are the Rolls Royce of, um, Aero Beds. Queen at $49!? No effin way!! No brainer. A steal.

These reviews are NOT for the same bed!

can i fill it with water?

better off laying on the floor cuz thats where your gonna end up with these things. if you like sleeping in a inflatable taco then this is your bed. after hurricane katrina i slept on air mattresses for about 6 mnths. i just got tired of trying to patch/return these things. junk. go buy a air raft and save the $$

I owned this product and ended up giving it away. The bed is not comfortable at all and the other complaint I had was that after the first time you use the bed, it never folds up compactly and neatly again into the carrying bag, and actually takes up as much storage space as an adult-sized sleeping bag.

I bought a comfy queen size airbed with a built in pump from target last week for $40. I’m not sure this is the best deal.

Sport Bed? What sport needs a bed . . . ? Never mind …

Ummm . . . because NO King is being offered???

Exactly. So why not get the king size? It’s so simple.

No. . . not strong enough to withstand the pressure.