Aerobed Sport Bed in a Minute II

Get this if you enjoy a really bad nights sleep. I have slept on this same thing when visiting relatives, it works perfectly for getting us out the door and heading home.

If you fill it with helium, it becomes a magic flying bed!

Wow that is dissappointing. Mine has been incredibly durable, I’ve even had guests sleep on it in a hallway folded slightly like a taco.

I have used one of these for a sled and that is the most fun ever. Seriously

Remind me never to sleep over at your house !!!

Uh, no. Already got a futon for guests.

Nope, I tried with a similar one (coleman). But it did become more flammable.

Then keep a LeakFrog nearby

wish it was the pillow top version

Got this from Costco for a lot more. So just from a pure $$ perspective, this is a good deal!
Aerobeds are amongst the better air mattresses out there. However like any air mattress, they do take a little bit of getting used to. There is always more bounciness and “give” in them than traditional mattresses - no matter how much you inflate them.
I wouldn’t use it for on a daily-basis, especially if you have a bad back or if your partner tosses and turns a lot!

I got this last time, this is pretty cool, and the pump is perfect.

My daughter loves it the most

A good buy, reading the manual before operating will help you.

good luck

I’ve had 2 of these for at least 6 years. Use them when the Gkids come over, they jump and bounce and never had one pop or leak.

:wink: Just so you know woot writers, I love you all, yes I do! :slight_smile:

I have owned 2 Aerobeds. Both leaked from the get-go. Talked to a few other people who ALL!!! had the same problem. Went and bought an after-market brand for about 1/2 the price and it has worked great for over 5 years now. After being stung twice, I’ll pass on this Woot, for sure… Happy with every other item I have ever purchased on Woot, so I will continue to be a faithful Wooter!

So, If my visiting inlaws were to sleep on this, they would as you say, “get out and head home”??? I’ll take 2 thank you

Part one of this Sport Bed got some pretty good reviews on Buzzillions. So, I bet the II version is just as good.

Helium’s not flammable…

I got one of these for camping… they are actually pretty confortable, and with the air pump, its pretty quick to fill.

Whaddya want, 5000 packs of Texas air to try and put into it, when it comes with an electric pump?

So you lit up Utah, huh?