Aerobed Sport Bed in a Minute II

Better not smoke, or spark anything around that bad girl.

I’m 6’3"/250lbs and have used one as my main mattress for six years (3 blown and 3 bulging discs). Only leak was a pinhole when I dropped my Strat and the peghead fell on the corner. Used the little patch kit they drop in the bottom of the storage bag and haven’t had a problem since.

I have to comment on the “prom” thing. Distasteful? maybe. Hilarious? definitely.

But I have to add, I don’t think the copy was appropriate for the bed. Maybe if you were featuring the back seat of a car. OR a cheap hotel room.

I had one of these,
I think
what can you say
It’s an air bed
oh so, not very comforable

Have you noticed, as I have, how easily Utah lights up? I really wonder about the ‘Google’ map database they use.

Uncomfortable air beds = VERY short visits from inlaws…

yes woot. too bad I only last about 1 and a half minutes. :frowning:

I figured he meant hydrogen, as I was thinking the same thing. So, hydrogen + inlaws smoking in bed = FTW. (Heh, very funny, woot!)

Make that:

Hydrogen + inlaws smoking in bed = F T W

I was mainly making a bad polygamy joke- Needing 2 to get rid of inlaws…

[I think they get the map data from the ship-to addresses BTW.]

Bring back Mr. Wizard!

WT Heck, wasn’t this $24.99 like 20 minutes ago or was I just temporarily dyslexic?!

Helium (He) is not flammable, but it would make it lighter.

Nope yesterday’s Sansa 260 was 24.99 ended at midnight

not bad for an extra place for company

I have one of these — slept on it many times over several years and it’s never leaked. However, the “divots” in the surface are REALLY uncomfortable.

If I could justify the money for buying a different kind when this one still “works,” I would get the kind that has “ribs” instead of “divots.”

Using it again next weekend on a trip. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will spring a leak (on the last morning when I go to let the air out, not on the first night) like the other wooters’ have and I can get one that’s comfortable.

I recommend poking a tiny pinhole in it, the effect is they will be sleeping on a hard floor for about four hours and will wake up with the backaches.

heavy friends?

It’s nice to know how you treat your guests

Well then I have no idea wtf wally world was selling for the balloon kit. But some “funny” kids filled then sparked a fire by the pool the mattress was high in the sky -About 19 feet.
Never tried to recreate the situation with oxygen or any other gas.

Sorry to offend.

Actually I have the Coleman version of this and use it every night. (I got the dual full that makes a queen together) It has lasted 9+ months every night so far. I make sure it has a soft surface to set on - camping pad,carpet etc. and works great!

Bad back? I use a CPAP so have to spend much of the night on my back which left me with a tight back every morning. This type of flocked air mattress does better than a top quality mattress, even with 3" of memory foam on top! And I can set the firmness… haven’t found anything better yet. And for the price you can pop quite a few before you’re in what a conventional mattress costs.

I’d buy if I wasn’t set up already.