Aerobed Sport Bed in a Minute II

Makes sense to me.

I think that was a Sansa e260.

A what!? Dude, do you mean an air pump? Lol.

I bought one of these for my father and he could not sleep on it because of a bulging disc.


Maybe he really doesn’t know what an AC pump means: I does have an electric air pump, included.

Been using an aerobed for a couple of years and never experienced any problems with it.

In for one.

g’nite W00Ters

Very happy these things are NOT refurbs :wink:

I love it! woot cracks me up and thats why I have to check it out everday! For some of you cry babys, TAKE A JOKE!

I have been using a full size one as my “couch” for over a year-and-a-half without worry.

Why? Well, if I bought a normal couch I would have less money to spend on woot. :smiley:

I slept on an Aero Bed for over a year before. They are pretty awesome and rock ten ways to Tuesday. It’s great for camping or as an emergency back up if your main bed brakes or if you have guests.

I’ve slept on a queensize Aerobed (not this exact model) more than a year total.

I used it on long-term consulting trips so I didn’t have to buy/rent a real bed for my apartment.

No leaks, even after a couple of my wife’s “friends” jumped on it simultaneously. Since the Woot writers have placed your mind firmly in the gutter, I must say this situation was completely innocent and much less exciting than it sounds. They’re still friends because the Aerobed survived.

I did find the Aerobed far more comfortable when topped with a down comforter, otherwise the plastic can become sweaty/cold, even through a sheet and mattress pad. However that slight discomfort might be a desirable feature if you have houseguests.

These are not suitable for people with horns!

Uh, helium isn’t flammable. But it will make your voice sound funny…

“Spiked leather is hell on these, but otherwise they hold up well, our testers would suggest the collapseable aluminum frame to raise it to a more reasonable height… it makes it easier to get in and out of, plus allows for something to attach cuffs to…”

Consumer Reports
November, 2008

The Aerobeds with “ribs” are notorious for splitting along the ribs. I paid $300.00 for one of the fancy elevated pillow-tops, and it split open the second time it was used.

Warranty? The Aerobed people are total A-holes.

This solid top mattress might not be bad for this price, if I’d let Aerobed end up with any of my money, which they never will.

You’d light up quickly too if you had 5 wives.


I haven’t had this particular brand, but I have owned several with the same design, and they all develop leaks somewhere around those little circular indentations, where the plastic seems to be a little weaker. My latest, a Coleman, leaked after only three uses, with a small tear gradually expanding around one of the circles. Virtually impossible to fix, since the flocking prevents a patch from adhering adequately.

My sister has one of these. Held up pretty well when my girlfriend and I slept on it. :wink:

umm how do you break your bed?
i can’t figure that part out