Aerobed Sport Bed in a Minute II

Bunch of reviews here…people tend to like it as a spare/guest bed

My sister makes me sleep on one of these whenever I visit. They s**uck. I’m tempted to get one so she can sleep on it the next time she visits me and see how little sleep you get and how much your back hurts when you wake up.

This is another good sale by Woot, but I’d still go for the mattress or sleeping bag than this.

Aerobeds and the likes is not for regular use. After a time it deflates easily and this is where it causes severe damage to your spine which may trigger paralysis or worst than that. validate this story in the web.

Is it true that Woot people sleep on their chairs and desks that’s why they only have problems in their head? :slight_smile:


Looks like you’ve never experienced “sleeping” with someone, dude! :slight_smile:

. . .and tried something wild that’s why this is something that is beyond your imagination!

Try it with another “inflatable” product. Just joking! No offense.

I’ve had a full size “Sleeper” version that’s worked quite fine for at least 30 night’s sleep over a 2 year span.

very comfortable and firm. mine does lose a little air overnight but still stays firm. it’s been a great buy for me

I’ve had many air beds for cheaper than this that have not popped… I guess the deal with this one is the quick pump up and pump down that comes with it?

Great bed but not that great.

Worked for a small software developer you may have heard of it (Knowledge Adventure) for about 6 years. Great place to work looked forward to going to work every day. They had been bought out by a fortune 500 company and I didn’t last 6 months. Maybe you can see where I am going with this, anyway it lost its personality and became like any other place to work. Since Woot changed hands it seems to have lost too much personality and I am finding better deals and a better variety elseware. My purchasing will reflect this. Anyway just felt like venting.

Slept on one of these for 6 months during an internship. Easy to sleep on, fairly firm. Only needed to re-inflate a bit every couple of weeks, highly recommended

Their moderators come on this blog & state that only “Sellout Woot” is in Yahoo. Woot & Shirt Woot & Wine Woot is still original.

This is perfect for my mother’s stay for a few months after our second child is born. (We need the help, first is 2y.o. and I’m disabled from my final “trip” to Iraq…)

Thanks Woot! (Just get it to me before May, please?)

Two questions to someone who owns one:

  1. Could I sleep on it all summer without it developing a leak (in indoor conditions) and

  2. Could I sleep on it all summer without needing a chiropractor when i get home?

Actually, this is almost exactly what i wanted to know, thanks.


Seems like these used to be Much cheaper. This exact one is 59.00 and free shipping on amazon. I just saw it. Seems Liek a Woot deal would be a Deeper discount eh?

works fine in the house - Take it camping - you get to patch it.  Everytime , doesn't seem to matter how careful you are. 

I have driven one of these so hard that it Bottoms out and it has never popped.

Note: IF you have hard wood floors this will tend to travel if the force goes from Vertical to Horizonal - You’ll need to clear pathways or something could get broken.

The Flip side!
These are not velvety on Both sides! - The bottom is Really nice for a oil massage - cleans up really “fast and easy” And that’s How I like them.

We are on our second one. We stopped using the first one because our dee dee dee son lost the pump. We even used our queen sized one INSIDE our sleep by number bed while waiting for a new pump.

Inflates to a thickness of 9”

-That’s what she said!!!

In for one. I’ve been meaning to buy an air mattress since my parents moved inconveniently too far away to borrow theirs, and this is a good deal. It’s only for occasional use to provide more available sleeping space for when our couches have reached maximum capacity after a party. This should do!

With all the people bitching about pops and leaks - has anyone ever used the warranty, and if so, how did it go?

We have had one for several years no leaks no problems it has been used many times works great.

Where is the original write up all of these people are complaining about. I want to read it. Must be good if all these people are complaining.