AeroBed Twin Bed in a Minute II

in for 1

apparently us Washingtonioans need some extra beds due to being snowed in. For next time…

This might be good for those college study buddies you want to sleep over. If they think you are “just a friend” inflate a bed and they can sleep on the floor if they are not down for the spooning.

AeroBed Twin Bed in a Minute II

$29.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

Was this on woot for $40 just awhile ago?

OMG so tempting! We have a Queen size aerobed but it’s manual. :frowning: Manual = PITA.

change this to a full and I’m in !

About 2 months ago, our sewage pump backed up and destroyed some of the other plumbing in the house (if I had only had my Leakfrog then! Argh) and caused us to have to leave our house for a week while the smell faded and the cleaning went on. My entire family slept on full sized versions of these at our sister in law’s house that week. They look wierd, and I thought they wouldn’t be comfortable, but they were amazingly comfy. I remember sleeping on air mattresses as a kid during sleepovers and stuff and this was nothing like it. This was more like a firm mattress and really comfy.

The inflation is LOUD, but fast, and kinda fun to watch, honestly. If we didn’t have 2 sleeper sofas in the house, I’d buy one of these. Very highly recommended.

if you get two and lay sideways King right?

will this mattress survive vigorous activity? Can I get an air headboard too?

anyone knows the shipping weight for this item?
many thanks in advance,

Can I not get speedy shipping now? I’d like to have this by the weekend.

How will this ship? No indication if its snail post or not.

It will ship fedex ground

We are shipping this regular FedEx ground, I don’t think you would get it before this weekend.

Yes, Don’t expect FedEx ground to be fast. I just tracked My current in the mail Woot and it took FedEx four days from Dallas to Atlanta and will probably be several more days to get to us in Florida.

Federal Express is a misnomer.

someday my Woot will come.

PITA? You’re doing it wrong. ;~)

Does it work with Mac?

I just hope mine arrive before Jan 16th. These will be really nice for camping out on the floor of an MIT classroom during the Mystery Hunt (a ~48-hour puzzle contest). Last year, I slept on the floor, resulting my my mind AND my body aching for days afterward.

This one comes with a headboard.