AeroBed Ultra Light Self-Inflating Camp Mat

Not something I would enjoy. Woot Info Post
how many OVER 9000!!!

AeroBed Ultra Light Self-Inflating Camp Mat [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * AeroBed 82215 Ultra Light Self-Inflating Camp Mat

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3 just 3…dang it i wanted one…

STock of 3 … again.

At least its not self-inflatulating.


at least it’s not refurbished


woot trackers can’t keep up!

I think Amazong obught out woot than woot bought out aerobed and cuisinart?

Can anyone suggest a good power strip or camera?

By the time i post this comment the next item is up

good god. i love you guys/girls
im having so much fun

ps good thing i already bought the aerobed

Holy speed wooting

I think Carol Burnett would definitely feel the Pea under that! One inch?!

great mat, already own one though.

Looks nice. I missed the last one, and this one as well it seems.