AeroCool Shark Fan Blue Edition

AeroCool Shark Fan Blue Edition

OK - so my awesomely quiet computer had one slight problem. When it booted up the chassis fan would squeal for a while but it would eventually warm up and the squeal would go away. I decided to purchase this fan as a replacement so I wouldn’t have to deal with the squeal! Well after having this thing in my computer for 2 days I couldn’t take the noise any longer. I even tried to mount the fan with the anti-vibration pegs but that didn’t help. So - I took this fan out and replaced the original fan. Anyway - this thing is super noisy so if that is a problem for you then you better stay away from this one!

Can someone more literate in computer-ese possibly tell me what the correct term for this kind of pin-end-thingy is? I need a converter I can just plug into a wall outlet and so I can run this thing off of mains power, and all my efforts thusfar have yielded power converters with the wrong female end to accommodate what this has.

Help a dino-sister out?


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I don’t have the skillset to attempt that without potentially further burdening the medical system, fire dep’t, etc., I’m afraid :w_worried:

I was thinking something like this, but for [whatever-the-term-is-for-this-kind-of-end]s?

Hmmm. Google has quite a few responses to my query:

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