AeroGarden 7 LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

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AeroGarden 7 LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit
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so… MJ or no?

You need dwarf seeds that autoflower. Very expensive and hard to find. But still worth it.

Keep in mind this is the older model aerogarden. The successor to this is the “harvest” or something like that. I have the smaller one called “sprout” I received as a gift and it’s really too small, only 3 pods. I grew mint and little herbs for awhile, tried tomatoes, which outgrew it in a few weeks.

One recommendation is always get black plastic. My sprout is white and you can clearly tell light gets into the nutrient bath, which is terrible for nutrients. Black would likely help.

Overall these are fun…for kids. Adults should consider something like Emily’s Garden and a real full spectrum grow lamp. Overall setup cost would be the same as aerogarden crap. And you can grow whatever you want, as tall as you want, in any medium you want. I like coco or pellets. I germinate my seeds in a damp paper towel inside a sandwich bag on top of my water heater or a radiator in the winter. Pop those in a 6x6 hydro bucket and they figure the rest out, no starter needed.

Advanced nutrients and hydro farm make great all in one nutrients that can honestly be used sparingly for fruits and veggies, half of what they say.

I think the only difference between the one I have (Aerogarden Extra) and this one is the wattage – this is 20 watts, the Extra is 30. I’ve been using mine for over two years now, and it’s great. What started as an opportunity to get my then 10-year-old daughter interested in growing things has turned into a year-round growing project for my entire family.

In late winter/early spring, I use it to start our outdoor garden indoors. Tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, bell peppers, etc – once they sprout, I transplant them into dirt and get another batch started. When it’s warm enough, my wife transplants everything outdoors and I start a third batch, this time of nothing but herbs, which also gets transplanted outdoors. Once our outdoor garden is fully started, I start yet another load to grow indoors. And as long as you hand pollinate, you can grow flowering vegetables indoors, too. At the moment, I’m growing purple jalapenos that were started in the Aerogarden at the end of the outdoor growing season.

I bought one of these last year off the mothership for $161, the main difference between this and my previous model(besides the LEDs vs. CFC lights) is that this model uses an air pump and bubbler rather than a water pump for circulation.

They do sometimes screw up on the seed pods though…

Fun with intervalometers, 1 photo every 24 hours for 18 days.

Bought one last time. Was mixed herbs. The dill and basil and thai basil went well. Parsley, thyme, and something else not so much. I don’t remember the last herb because it never sprouted. I know they would have sent replacement pods if I weren’t too lazy to follow through. On second crop now, all lavender this time. It smells up the kitchen quite nicely.

Anyone ever tried growing Curry Leaf with this?

Was it chives? My mother had a dud with chives as well when she got her Aerogarden.