AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi Kit

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AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi Kit
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I own the non-wifi version of this. We are now on our second season. Overall, I like it and had good results the first season.

  1. The light is going to run 17 hours a day for the herb garden so have it somewhere that is away from sleep areas.
  2. The water pump circulates water to the pods and there is a trickling water sound associated with that.
  3. At the end of the season I rinsed it out and stored it. This caused a problem for second season as roots had infiltrated several areas and needed to be removed.
  4. The impeller on the pump was stuck at the start of season 2. I ended up pulling the pump out and giving it a rap with a screwdriver handle while it was plugged in. This got it going. At the end of the season I am going to clean it and spritz it with silicone spray in hopes of avoiding this.
  5. Get it running well and only then insert your pods. Make sure the pump is running and each pod location has water running to it. You can adjust the water volume up and down by accessing the pump and using the adjustment on the pump.

I have one and my only complaint is that it works too well. The basil will take over your garden and your life and you will eat basil in everything and give as much away as you can and it still won’t be enough.

Also, killer root system after a while when you check out what lurks underneath.

A++, would basil again.

I gave my wife a couple of these (non wifi) for Christmas. Really neat for indoor gardening.

The comment about the basil going nuts is true. Very true. Quite possibly the most true thing said in the history of truth. Basil LOVES growing in these.

I will say if someone likes to garden then these are going to be addictive. You start with a small one. Then get another. Then next thing you know, you’re trying to figure out where to put a Farm (over double the size of these Bounty models).


Got it the last time, a little over 6 wks ago. WiFi is unnecessary, as it does nothing the small screen on the front doesn’t do. My tomatoes are already over ¾” in diameter! Ordered the heirloom tomato pods.

Got two more cheaper units, and Planted my own spinach and scallions and those are also going crazy. Mint, lavender and Thai basil and dill all thriving in addition to Italian basil.

$190 is a lot for a unit. I figured this model would be better for tomatoes. The 7-pod 30-watt units are almost as good and you can get one of those, Extra model, for $110, on sale.