AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi Kit

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi Kit

Maybe I read this wrong, but… Your information doesn’t add up Woot. The Part number you have listed (903111) is for an AeroGarden Bounty Wi-fi, not the Elite (903125). Which is it?

[MOD: We’re selling the Bounty Elite Wi-Fi]

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As an FYI. I am sensitive to flowers, strong smells, and have other allergens. I have an aerogarden (not this model) and found that the tub of sitting water, which does get agitated, bothered my allergies significantly. I no longer use the product.

Just an FYI, this is cheaper on Aerogardens’ website. I’m looking to get this one, but not at this price.

Hi there. Yeah the number on the specs was incorrect. The numbers (depending on color) are:


Well blast it all. What we have here is a failure to communicate!


We’ve negotiated a new price and are able to lower our price to $229.99!!!

If you already purchased, that money will hop back in your pocket soonish!