AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

Anyone have any experience growing the devil’s lettuce with these?

Yay? Nay?


I’d like to hear from someone who has owned one too but the more I think about the limit if 12in on the grow lights the more I don’t see this working well for many fruiting plants and vegetables. I could be wrong but I’ve never had tomatoe bushes.

$73.95 too much :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Ive grown a lot of indoor tomatoes. This isn’t up for the task. I think I read once they are 8 watts. Even if you could, indoor hydroponic tomatoes are flavourless. It is really designed as a herb garden, even for that there are better options. I would avoid this product.

Not strong enough to produce anything worthwhile. A 5 gallon bucket, an air stone, a net cup, 4-18-38 fertilizer with a bit of calcium nitrate and epsom salt in a 2g-2g-1g mix per gallon respectively and a cheap LED or HPS off amazon will get you better results for similar pricing, all things considered.


I’ve had good luck with my Aerogarden. I use it to grow lettuce, mostly, but have also grown herbs. I’ve never tried tomatoes. Even though some say it works for tomatoes or peppers, I have my doubts about the potential yield. For me, for lettuce, it’s great. I can grow my own lettuce year round in my basement “pantry area” and pop down there daily to check on it when I’m getting something else off a shelf. No need to take up counter space in the kitchen for it; you can use it anywhere. Easy to grab a few leaves for a sandwich or more for a salad. If you plant lettuce, stagger the planting by a couple of weeks. I planted all six holes at once the first time, and all grew, but I couldn’t consume it fast enough. Growing veggies outdoors, especially lettuce, is hard hard when you live where it’s too cold half the year. So, this fills in nicely for me.


Won’t do well with it; requires different temperature lights.

This price is meh as these were $59.82 on Amazon on June 5, 2021; I bought two.


I also bought this 50 pack of pods/wool/food/covers/etc that you add your own seeds to:

They work great and as long as you do your part, these things will take off. I let them get to the point that they’re touching the fully extended LEDs, then I pull the plant slowly out until I have all the roots out carefully. Then I take scissors and cut the plastic ring off them, run the roots under water to loosen up their grip, and slide the plastic out from under the roots. It’s a bit of work but should take less than 5 mins. Then I spread the roots out and plant them in extremely moist indoor potting soil/pot and keep them near the aerogarden to continue their transition. Once they are fully accustomed to the dirt rather than the hydro, I put them outside with the rest of my garden and water them daily to ensure they transition well.

This gives me room to start a new plant. Also remember anytime you remove a plant you need to tape the hold so that absolutely no light leaks into where the roots/water is in the aerogarden or you will promote algae growth in the water which is a death sentence for the roots. Within a month of planting, most the plants have outgrown this size aerogarden and need repotting. It’s a great way to take a seed to a full grown plant fast.


$59.82 is a very odd price point for Amazon - are you sure you didn’t have a credit on your account that was applied to this order? Or maybe order through Warehouse…?

This exact Aero was $74.95 on a lightning sale during Prime Day, which is generally the lowest I’ve seen them go. :thinking:

As for the unit itself, I never had any luck with indoor plants until I got an AeroGarden - now I have been able to successfully grow lots of herbs and lettuce, and sustain them. I especially love having fresh basil all summer.
I have heard the smaller models are not the best choice for fruiting plants (you really need to buy the larger models that have more height), but for herbs and lettuce, it’s great!


Prime day is usually a rip off. Woot rarely beats Amazon’s best prices ever. Below is the link of where I learned about the sale when I bought it to backup that this was a legit price offered to everyone. It was a different seed kit but that doesn’t matter much since you can use any seeds with the kit I listed in my previous post.

I am a plant lady with both indoor and outdoor gardening. I’ve bought several of those 4 armed full spectrum grow lights from Amazon. They are EXCELLENT! The either clip on, or come with a stand and can be adjusted to any height or position. My indoor plants were very responsive to them. I’ve started beautifully bushy girls with them. I got fabulous growth of my tomato seedlings, with many flowers before moving them into the garden. I did not attempt a full grow of tomatoes indoors. I’m attracted to the AeroGarden simply because it’s for plants and has a techie feel to it. Functionally, I think it’s size, and light output make it too restrictive and I can find a better use for the space.

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Thanks for the link. According to that thread, it was an all time low price. So it’s great that you were able to get it, but not really fair to make it seem like “the norm” or that this isn’t decent for the item offered. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Camel says all time lowest price

That is fair, my original calling of the price “meh” isn’t as fair as when I said “Woot rarely beats Amazon’s best prices ever.” I described this deal as “meh” because $74.95-$80.00 is an extremely common sale price on these.

Just in the last month alone it’s hit those prices three times:
White was $80 @ Amazon yesterday.
It was $74.00 @ Walmart on 6/28/2021.
It was $70.96 @ Amazon on 6/3/2021.

Just to add a little value to this post; I highly suggest people check out the Kratky method of hydroponics if you aren’t interested in an aerogarden as much as just standard @ home hydroponics:

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Thank you! Wanna grow my first batch, I’ll try these tips for sure :+1::grin: