AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

I grew these five guys in mine and transferred them to soil about a month ago. Season is almost over so I let them flower for fun.


That is amazing! I always wondered if this machine was a gimmick but clearly you grew some great plants!! Is this something where I could simply use the lights and not have to buy their pods? Trying to see if I can multipurpose it.


Yeah. You can get 3rd party diy kits for these too.

I really want one, but my cats don’t need a salad bar.


Great question. Here are some items I purchased and used in conjuncture with my Aerogarden.

The potting mix I bought:

The growing pots I bought for outside:

Originally Amazon sold a 50 pod set to make your own grow cups. It came 50 pods, 50 lids, 50 sticker covers, 50 growing medias and 18 ozs of aerogarden plant good at the time it cost $32.63 but now it’s $60 so not at all worth it right now. I’d wait for the good sellers to come back but here was the price breakdown:

$32.63 for 50 pod sets and 18 oz of food for the plants. aka $0.652~ per plant

I start all my seeds in the aerogarden and as soon as they get close to too big, I cut the rings off carefully with scissors and wash the roots well too loosen them up and then repot them like you would any other plant in soil. I like the grow bags because they don’t retain water. I overwater them every morning to combat the heat and sun they get outside. They are used to hydroponics so you gotta water them everyday or they will die fast until they stabilize. When my daughter was born all those plants looked dead because they didn’t get water for 3 days. When I got home and watered them they all sprang back to life by the next morning as if nothing went wrong.

So if the price is like what I paid, that’s the route I’d go. Buying all the parts separate and piecing them together cost way more at the time so it was a no brainer. Get a spreadsheet going to see what is most economical for you when it’s time to purchase.

Also worth noting I paid way less for my aerogardens otherwise I probably never would have bought them.

The seeds I bought ended up making stuff WAAAAAAY too big for an aerogarden. So I am just starting them there and transporting in two or three weeks. I highly suggest looking on youtube for good dwarf vegetables for hydroponics. Youtube anything on hydroponics vegetable grows and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

There is also this method but I don’t like it because it can damage the roots and I rarely get to them this early in their growing, I’d rather just just the plastic, he reuses them:

You could also build your own:


Thank you!!! You were super helpful! Now off to do the math!


A simple quick question, what’s in the seed pack, I’m not super picky but I would like to know.

From the features:

Includes heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit: A custom blend of six unique salad green varieties that are easy to grow; the Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit germinates in just days

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