AeroGarden Harvest Premium Smart Garden

These work but they’re an expensive novelty, and a huge mess and hassle to clean between rounds. Don’t do it because you want to save money.

I can buy a bunch of parsley or whatever for about .99 to 1.29. That being said, we could buy 80 bunches of stuff we won’t eat for many months. This is a GREAT value yuk yuk

Does it work with Kine Bud?

I just fill up my sink with water and a small amount of bleach and soak them in there for a bit then wipe them down.

I’ve been using the same Aerogarden with LED light for 4 years now and have grown a ton of stuff in it.

Maybe you’re doing it wrong. I have 3 AeroGardens that I got at Xmas, and swapped out pods on two just last month. They were clean as a whistle. My one that is growing tomatoes has given me almost 400 in about 8 months and still going strong. You do have to water almost every day.

400 in 8 months? teach me your ways…