AeroGarden Ultra LED with Seed Pod Kit

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AeroGarden Ultra LED with Seed Pod Kit
Price: $139.95
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Pretty sure I can buy a full spectrum LED light, bucket of soil and seeds for under $30.

Limited to certain states:

[Edit] My bad - this isn’t the right model for this kind of plant.

I bought one of these over a year ago with all the plant food watering bottle and all the accessories. Over half the plants/pods never sprouted. Contacted the company many times to no avail. All I wanted was some replacement seed pods. No such luck. Mine is in my shed now while I contemplate how I will destroy it (I am leaning towards fireworks)GOOD LUCK

This thing will pay for itself in about 94 years.

There is a reason why there isn’t one of these in every kitchen. It’s the same reason we don’t have looms in our closets.

This is a good price for a 7 pod Aerogarden with LED lighting. I recall playing around $200 at Costco.

The company guarantees that their pods will sprout so I don’t understand the one comment saying they wouldn’t offer any help. We’ve really only had problems with the cilantro seeds not sprouting but we called Aerogarden and they sent a new pod. Usually, rather than buy the overpriced Aerogarden pods we buy the little cylindrical sponges in bulk online and reuse the little plastic baskets they sit in and just stuff two or three seeds into each sponge. Mostly we grow basil.

I did have an issue where the lights failed after a couple of years. The power supply for the LED assembly had capacitors go bad. I disassembled the lamp module and replaced the capacitors.

It’s fun. It’s a small hobby.
A meal at a fine restaurant for two doesn’t pay for itself, is over in a coupe of hours, and costs about as much as the Aerogarden Bounty wi-fi we got on Woot a while ago.

It’s a cloudy crappy gray February day here in Wisconsin. Sitting in front of the Aerogarden, it’s a brilliant sunny day, the world is green, and smells of basil, mint, dill, chives, thyme, and parsley.

I had the opposite experience. My first herb assortment I had 2 pods that didn’t sprout and when I called they mailed me 2 new ones with no questions asked. The only issue is that the others had taken over the space before the bad pods had a chance to grow.

I have done about 4 seasons with different pods with little problems. Just 2 weeks ago I did an herb assortment and all of the pods have sprouted and are looking healthy.

Set your expectations accordingly as the aerogarden is just a fun “little” herb garden for fresh spices. If you are cooking frozen pizza and hot pockets for dinner this is probably not for you :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the way to look at this, what a contagious attitude! I have been looking to get one of these and this comment really pushed me over the edge. I too am looking and bland plain white snow in Northeastern PA.

Got the Bounty WiFi back in December. It’s awesome. Herbs are easy for a first grow. All of mine sprouted except for the parsley. Both basils, mint, dill and thyme are growing great. Going so well, I got two more from a homedepot special. One is for flowers, lavender, just starting to flower. The other is growing heirloom cherry tomatoes. I’ve got about 80+ tomatoes showing on 3 plants, biggest about an inch in diameter. All were started in December.

The unit for sale looks decent since it’s a 7-pod 30watt, 24” high unit. That’s the sweet spot in their lineup. The height will grow tomatoes and peppers. Smaller units don’t extend as high. Cheaper models only have 20watts.

Had one of these. Novelty and works, but expensive as all fsck to maintain in the long-term. Parts fail, PITA to clean between plantings especially when the roots go crazy, and everything is overpriced.

I tried getting third-party consumables but ultimately gave up and decided it wasn’t worth it. Plus the light doesn’t go up high enough.

For less money I now have a proper heated grow tent setup in my basement where I can grow pretty anything.

I have had great results with my aerogarden.

At least these will sell well in states where Cannabis cultivation is legal…

I have pots of soil and the aerogarden in the same general area and the plants in the soil grow significantly better than the aerogarden.

Of the pods, only 2 of my first set of pods sprouted (they all had some sort of white furry mold on them after a day or two of being wet, but 2 plants pushed through). Subsequent sets have been similarly disappointing. The only set that just shot right up was the Salad Bar set, but you’ll end up harvesting everything for a single salad. Additionally, the crops end up pretty flavorless compared to seeds planted in just some plain old garden soil.

The idea is good, but the lights provide no heat, the nutrient mix is obviously missing some key components and it’s much too expensive for what it is. Spend your money on a window box and a grow light with a timer. If you want to keep using the pods, just jam them into the dirt like a tent spike. You’ll have the same convenience, but get better results.

This would be a $140 salad for my cat.

Yes, kitties would love it. I have mine at work for that reason alone.

One of my cats has decided that the little clear plastic domes are the most fun to play with thing EVER! When I set up some new pods she’ll have all the domes removed within a few hours and scattered around the house. She even carries them upstairs and bats them around until they’re lost under furniture or appliances.