AeroGarden Ultra LED with Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Ultra LED with Seed Pod Kit

Only one sold before OOS? I’ve been waiting for one of these to be on woot again.

Clearance items don’t always have a large supply.

Neither do garage sales… LOL. I think it they have less than 10 in stock, it’d be a good thing to note at the onset!

Yeah, well, I don’t go to them because apparently the actual garage is never for sale.


Ah yes those ones are called “moving sales” and you can usually buy the garage and the house.

Great, now there are specialized garage sales?!?

And what if I just want the garage and not the house?

They sell those on craigslist.

Thanks, but risking my kidneys and liver just to be able to buy a garage does not seem like a good idea.

Well I guess you could get one the old fashioned way.

But you’ll have to deal with salespeople.

Suddenly, risking my kidneys and liver doesn’t seem as bad.

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Just show up to the deal with an open can of bud and a cigarette. You’ll get to keep your organs but you’ll probably get kittens with your garage.

Just be sure to bring along some fiva beans and a nice chianti…

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Did you look at what’s being sold today?