Aerogrow AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360

Aerogrow AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360

After you use the pre-seeded pods that come with the kit can you refill them with regular flower seeds in the years after that?

I don’t think so @roadijeff. If a planting is successful the pod is chock full of roots that might be difficult to remove without breaking the plastic on the pod. You can purchase seed pots from aerogarden though.

You can buy new pods that have no seeds, and add your own.

I bought one of these the last time they were here. the stink of pot was so strong on it that I had to send it back. So these are definitely used…congrats to the previous owner whom apparently started some killer weed in this unit, but buyer beware.

Yes, you can. You can reuse the plastic seed pod holders by cutting the roots and pulling the old pod out through the top.

They sell seed pod refill sponges that you can plant your own seeds in. And they sell the plastic grow baskets in case the original ones break when you’re trying to remove the old growth.

These are not used units. These are New Condition units, direct from the manufacturer.


I’ve bought 3 different models of these from woot, because they’re so much cheaper than the original prices, and have been happy with all 3. They all work as described and they were all brand new and previously used.

I have one growing tomatoes for over 200 days on one plant now and it’s produced a lot. I have Thai and Italian basils that have been growing for 200 days and have produced a ton of leaves. My latest has red lettuce and bok choy and is producing nice huge leaves.

I’ve used my own seeds to plant the tomatoes, lettuce and bok choy. I used the basils that were in the kit.

I don’t have the room currently, but I’m seriously considering another one right now because they work well. Maybe save it for when I have room.

Aerogarden has released a bunch of new, more expensive models with more technical features and some better lights, but these old, cheaper ones do great for the price.

Are these units with WiFi?

Hi there. This model does not have Wi-Fi.

How often do these go on sale on Woot? I’m thinking of getting two, one for a birthday in late April and the other for Mother’s Day. I’m not sure about buying them now and discover a problem with something 3 months from now when they are first used. One reviewer said his had a bad odor and he had to return it.

So there is no option for the tomatoes with this kit? Only the herbs listed?

Just what’s listed. TY.