Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Graphite Frame

ive installed office furniture for 17 years and that chair is one of the best on the market and has been for prob 10 years

No warranty. Warranty does not transfer.

No warranty and warranty does not transfer.

These chairs are built to last forever, and if they don’t Herman Miller warranties it from top to bottom, for 12 years. These places people keep posting offer nothing.

About $600?

Woot is selling more Aeron chairs than Dyson vacuums!

As others have said, they SAT IN THEM and felt good. I’m sorry, I guess your opinion is more valid than anybody else’s. You expressed your opinion, it’s valuable in its own right, don’t dismiss other people’s experiences.

Well these chairs have been around since the .com boom and are still considered one of the best chairs out there. So I guess a proven history of around 19 years with a general consensus trumps your six years of anecdotal evidence.

You also said:

Which probably negates any possibility if the chair actually benefiting you.

$20 cheaper if you want the armless model. Add $200 to that price if you want the adjustable arms and tilt options that are on the Woot chair.

Personally, I’d like one of the Steelcase chairs that we have at work but it’s hard to spend that much in one chunk. I don’t want to think about how much I’ve spent on cheap chairs from the big office supply chains.

My boss owns a Leap and that thing is pretty awesome too.

I can’t bring myself to pay more for my computer chair than I did for my computer. YMMV.

For what it is worth, these come in three sizes. The size option makes a SERIOUS difference in the comfort of the chair. If you are a moderately large person, the Medium chair is likely to be uncomfortable.

Please do yourself a favor and check the sizing charts on their website before purchasing this.

couldn’t resist this deal. would have been a no brainer at $100 cheaper, but at this price i could have gotten cheaper via other channels (but no warranty). used one of these in school ~15 years ago, and off and on in the office. still my preferred chair for long sitting sessions.

haha, awesome. I was just remarking how ridiculously expensive this chair is, then realized I was sitting in one. Overall, I don’t love it. I thought it was pretty cool at first, but I have bad posture (really bad) and there is little support in the lower back. Maybe this thing has some sweet features I don’t know about. Also, apparently my bosses are rich, well I already knew that.

No I used it for years without a pad. I am not negating anyone. Really just trying to be helpful and warn people. Do your thing…

I bought the lumbar pad from OfficeDesigns, I got it quickly. Great Service.

Anybody taller than 6 feet should get a large, otherwise a Medium is a good fit. has Large chairs and they give great deals on the phone.

You will by at least 3-4 more computers before this chairs warranty expires, seriously it is a great ergonomic chair.

Leap chairs are nice for multiple users, seat slider is a plus on the Leap. has great deals on Steelcase Leap chairs.

You will Love the Aeron, I have had mine for years. I didn’t realize that Herman Miller made these chairs