Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Graphite Frame

**Item: **Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Graphite Frame
Price: $699.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Open Box

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4/24/2013 - $649.00 (Woot-off) - 31 comment(s)
4/23/2013 - $699.99 (Woot-off) - 15 comment(s)

This is available on Amazon for $20 cheaper.

Cheaper on Amazon

Limit 5! If I can’t buy 20 $700.00 chairs I’m out.

Sit for less has it for 29. free shipping. Seems like the exact same one!!!

The one on Amazon is not the same chair. The one on Amazon doesn’t have the same tilt mechanism for the seat and doesn’t have adjustable armrests.

And there are at least 25 of them. Plenty of time for a bathroom break before the next item, or a license renewal at the DMV 3 towns over…

We have a similar model chair at work. I can say from having a number of different chairs over my last few jobs, I prefer the Steelcase models when it comes to breathable/mesh over wire/etc type of chairs. Especially at this price point, it seems to be the better deal.

Seriously what everyone should have in their house … a $700 desk chair. For that price, we should put one in every room, err, well at least three rooms.

These chairs are amazing. I have issues with my lower back and tailbone, and these chairs make those medical issues all but disappear. The mesh back and seat mean you don’t sweat either. I LOVE THESE CHAIRS! lists this chair for $679.00 new plus $29.00 shipping. Let’s see, new with shipping straight from the manufacturer for a couple bucks more than open box from woot. Duh. I wonder who made up the $1372.00 regular price. I so miss the old (and independent) woot!

This chair’s size is MEDIUM

People are joking about the price, but these chairs are the absolute business. It’s not all plush leather like a lounger, so it doesn’t have that immediate “ahhh” feeling when you sit down. What these chairs do is keep you comfortable for HOURS. I’ve sat in one for 10+ hours before and still felt comfortable. These are great for people who work at home or own a business. Great price too.

I used to have this at my old job. The mesh seat keeps the bum a lot cooler, but you can’t sneak a fart.

You’re not including all the features. Add the tilt limiter with seat angle adjustment and adjustable arms and the price is $829. Still not sure about that $1372, but this is still a great deal.

I bought one of these on a Woot off a few months back. Open box?!?!? Could have fooled me because I didn’t see anything wrong with it!!! I only wish I needed more :frowning:

Too bad they never seem to use the large size for open-box purposes. Medium ain’t gonna cut it for us bigger fellas.

Keep an eye out over the next day or so. I bought the large last time and they showed the medium first.