Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Graphite Frame

So let me get this straight:

I can go on Amazon and buy this chair new in box for $679 or…

I can pay $654 here and get one that’s “open box” (read: Someone had it and decided they didn’t want it). Plus tax (which I don’t pay on Amazon) which brings the total to $716.04

Wow, what a deal, Woot. This place really has just become the dumping spot for all the crap Amazon can’t re-sell. No wonder I haven’t bought anything but shirts in like a year.

I used to work at a company that paid ~$600 each for their regular office chairs. They are obviously no longer in business because they thought they were a monopoly.

I just got one at work yesterday! Love it (so far), many adjustments possible.

Y’all need to describe this chair more fully. The basic ‘highly adjustable’ Aeron will run you about 675.00. Since this price is wonky on Wooty, does it include the lumbar support (posture fit or lumbar fit?), what about the castors and what about the arm pads: vinyl, leather?
Ya missed on this one. If it had all the above, it would run me about $1045 and in that event, i’d be snapping up Woot’s chair. I think a big ‘meh.’

I’m seeing $889 on Amazon . . . Do you have a link?

Guys don’t sit on this deal…:wink:

nothing could put a wootoff into a screeching halt better than a $600 chair

Not the same chair – the Amazon one doesn’t have adjustable arms, the tilt feature, etc. This really is a good price.

The 889 one is the “Posturefit”. This one is the standard:


Searched Amazon…

$679 from BACKSTORE fulfilled by Amazon

edit: got beat to the post

Yay. Another $800 desk chair. Again.

I find myself coming less and less to Woot due to this crap, and deals that only save me $5 off their big brother (Amazon).

I miss my old Woot. You’ve alienated your customer base.

In the Box:

(1) Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Graphite Frame - Carbon Classic (M) - (Open Box)

Carbon Classic. Not Posturefit. See above.

In the specs:
Adjustable Arms Armrests:

Pivot inward 17.5 degrees for keying and outward 15 degrees for mousing
Arm height adjusts independently within a four-inch vertical range
Tilt Limiter:

The user can control and limit the tilt range
Forward Tilt Positions the seat angle 5 degrees forward, a posture favored by many computer users

NOT the same chair. The tilt mechanism and armrests raise the price considerably (about $170 IIRC on Herman Miller’s site). The Carbon Classic on Amazon is a base model.

We have Herman Miller chairs at work and in most conference rooms. While they are better than say a wal-mart chair, I don’t think it’s necessary to spend $600 or more on an office chair. Maybe someone that is in front of a computer all day, but still. I can think of more comfortable chairs then this one. It might be worth $200 to me and that’s a stretch. I have one and sit in front of a computer all day. I still get sore.

Look at the pictures on the Woot site. Specifically the rear shot. Now look at the pictures on Amazon’s site. All of the nicer chairs have lumbar that stretches across the back of the chair. This is the only model that doesn’t. It’s the $679 chair. I don’t know what’s so difficult to grasp on this.

I don’t pay this much for the mattress I sleep. I am not about to buy this and learn to sleep sitting upright.

Actually no

Sitting in one of these right now at work - absolutely hate them. One of the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve ever used - but they look cool.