Aeron Chair by Herman Miller w/ Lumbar Pad

What? Didn’t we just see this?

For a chair?

Oh come on. This is stupid.

Hopefully the first “sucker” will also be the last “sucker”.

The company I work for bought a ton of these from a company that went out of business…I’m sitting on one right now. They’re amazing chairs. Every employee has been obsessed with them and we’ve had them for probably 8 years. Surprisingly, this is actually a great price–and for $5 shipping? Wow!

800 is not a good price. You can get a like-new one at office liquidator sites for 500 or less.

Private party on craigslist for 400 or less.

Apparently, you can get the open box version of this from Amazon for $727.68 plus free shipping

So, you are in for a dozen, right? Unless Woot only has one more of these, this will take care of this Woot-off for the night. lol

Aeron chairs are basically the chair of aspiring and failed dotcom start ups.

This is a “task chair” where if you need to plant your ass for hours at a time every day you can do so comfortably. They’re designed to prevent back pain and the various stress injuries a lot of desk jockeys tend to suffer lately.

Very nice chair, but very pricey new.

Did I mention the whole dotcom failure thing? I’m not kidding. You’ll see dozens of these things come up on auctions (much cheaper) whenever some dumb startup goes under in any major metro area. I’m kinda convinced they only really produced like 15,000 of these things and everyone has just been shuffling them around.

Didn’t realize this was an open box price…just read that part.

By the way…12 year warranty on this chair! We had one that the mesh part started fraying (we’re in construction…I’m SURE someone abused it) and they replaced the seat…we weren’t the original owner as I mentioned…and no questions were asked! They paid for the shipping both ways if I remember right.

I got a Herman Miller clock for my 15 year anniversary and come to find out it costs like $300 new. Pretty cool clock as well. However I don’t need a new chair, and I’m kind of cheap when it comes to buying furniture.

This is a good deal for an Aeron. The 12 year warranty is what you are paying for, otherwise wait for one to show up on craigslist and do your own repairs. The Mirra is around $800 new and I think better than the Aeron.

As a programmer I have an Aeron at home and a Mirra at work. As far as I am concerned this is a tool of my trade, and I want the best tool.

If you buy your chairs at Staples, I hope you and your back the best of luck.

Who in their right mind would pay this much for an office chair? That is a good start on a vacation to France.

For $730, I’ll stand. Or squat. Or kneel. Or buy 3 lesser chairs.

Banks and Hospitals. I used to install office furniture back in the day. No way I would pay that much, they’re kind of uncomfortable too.

Got a mint one on Craigslist for $300

But seriously this is actually $800 worth of chair in terms of quality.

If you’re chained to a desk your hips, butt, and back will thank you if you get an Aeron.

If you don’t care about warranty however I’d just go check some auctions.

Why people invest in a good chair like the aeron:

Sigh. This one is going to be up for hours.