Aeron Chair by Herman Miller w/ Lumbar Pad

**Item: **Aeron Chair by Herman Miller w/ Lumbar Pad
Price: $729.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Open Box

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I saw these a few years ago at costco for $650. Talk about inflation.

Seriously? For a Chair?

for 729.00 it should come with a man to rub my back when it gets sore

Unfortunately yes. Good quality office furniture is expensive.

Aerons on a woot-off?? What has Woot become?? Nice chairs, but talk about a woot killer, unless there is like 1 of these.

Open box - may not be many.

All I know is that we have these at work and I had no idea how expensive they are. But, they do take a beating from employees and yet none of them break. I would say my employer has gotten their money’s worth and I find them pretty comfortable.

This is not much of a deal-

Came here only to see if I was the only one shocked by the price tag!!!

Must be one helluva chair!

It is. Bought one for the office about 10 years ago, and have it in my home office now that I’ve retired. Best chair (at least for the office) I’ve ever sat in.

Darn, there’s a limit of only 5 per customer!

I have had an Aeron for approximately 10 years in my office and I absolutely love it. You do get what you pay for to some extent. I purchased a refurbished one for my father a couple of years ago for around $500. This price seems high.

It’s listed on the manufacturers site for far less than on Woot.


We have these at work too. I figured they were a couple hundred bucks.

They’re pretty comfortable, but not $700+ comfortable. That’s like 7 or 8 of those $89 staples specials.

What ever happened to the good ole days of Woot? Nice items, great deals, and random bags of crap that were a steal.

They are ok if you fit in them…I’m 5’10" 175lbs and I don’t…the medium is 1" to short for my desk and I can’t sit against the back of the Large and have my feet touch the floor at that height…normal size desk btw.

I had one of these at my old job and I can vouch for them being worth it. That being said, you can get one of these new from a HM dealer for about $850 so it’s a decent deal but not great.

If you’re okay with used, many office furniture dealers have some for $500 or less and they’re usually in good shape because unlike their crappy consumer counterparts, office furniture lasts forever.

The one you’re looking at is the “basic” model which lacks both lumbar support and most of the adjustability that makes an Aeron an Aeron. I’ve sat in both and wasn’t very impressed with the no frills chair compared to the fully-adjustable one. But even the fully-loaded version is (as usual) nowhere near the silly list price Wootazon is claiming.

I’m 5’10" and 170 sitting comfortably in the Aeron chair I purchased 8 years ago for $850. I’m not sure I follow how the medium is too short for your desk. Both the seat height and arm height are fully adjustable.