Aeron Chair by Herman Miller w/ Lumbar Pad

This one is going to be a while

Just a small warning… These are the exact chairs used in my department at my work, and not saying the same thing will happen to you, but we have had two of them break under people in the past six months. One of those people is still out with the resulting back injury and probably will not be coming back to work.

$679 / new at Amazon with free shipping. Hmm…

small warning for big people.

Not the worst thing you could spend $700 on…yet second only to meth.

Weren’t these on earlier in the Woot-Off? Gee, they must have been SO popular that Woot brought 'em back again. Of course everyone has $700+ for an office chair!

Do the arms on this go back…meaning tip up and back?

Very very over-rated.

I feel like back in the day they blew everyone away because home office furniture was generally trash, and to sit in one of these was like sitting in a luxury sports car for the first time in comparison.
Nowadays though, nyeh. They’re nice enough but you can get a really very good chair for a couple of hundred, and these things threw away a lot of comfort in their search to look space age.

Look up reviews. Not only can you find them cheaper, but you’ll notice a certain type of person finds these excruciatingly uncomfortable for long periods of time, as the lump at the edge of the seat tends to make your leg circulation unhappy.

If you were intent on buying one, I’d buy used and rest assured you could likely sell it for exactly what you paid for it once you remember that it’s not worth 400 dollars. :confused:

woot…where people with too much money shop.

Okay, the chair is great, I’ve used one for the last two years and won’t give it up.

the warranty says 12 years from
office designs outlet.

Well, on their website, the same chair/condition is 100 less :confused:

Usually don’t say much about products but this I have to.

There are 7 just in my department including some of the newest models. Some people like them but most always complain of back problems.
If you sit like this ALL the time ( )

you should be fine with the chair. Good luck with getting the back of the chair to stay straight by turning the knobs that are so ridiculous. Good luck with different types of material you are wearing against the material. VERY uncomfortable material.

mid to upper back support = non-existant since the lumbar is sticking to your back.

all in all, way over priced chair that’s extremely uncomfortable.

What type of people are you referring to? Fat? I hope not, not because I would be offended by you singling out fat people but because you are shying away from saying “fat.” It’s an adjective that describes a physical appearance of some people. Fat has been used to describe me much of my life. It wasn’t used to degrade me, it was used to describe me. If trying to describe me to someone else, it would be better for them to say “the fat guy over there” than it would be to say “the guy with dark brown hair and the ears on either side of his face with two elbows half-way down his arm.” Take the fat away and I was just a person, so ordinary I blended into crowds in a virtually indescribable way.

One thing I did find offensive though: people trying to intentionally hide from me the fact that I was fat like I was stupid or something. If it isn’t meant with malice, nobody should take offense.

All this aside, did someone actually spend money on this chair or did Woot just pull it, realizing the error of their ways?