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Aeroprene Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Wrap [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sima SWP-LW2 Aeroprene Laptop Wrap Checkpoint Friendly

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Needed one of these. Not for traveling but just to carry my laptop around. Thanks woot!

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Argh. Will this fit my HP 8710P 17” notebook? (Bought right here, I might add…)

Fits 12” x 16” and slim-line 17” laptops.

I don’t think the HP 8710P is a slimline.

I read that, but I don’t know exactly what a slimline is. (I’ve got a laptop, so I try not to look at/drool at other laptops I can’t have.)

In other words, measurements would be really helpful. “17 inch laptops no thicker than x” for example.

Ive never had any trouble storing my laptop in my backpack. What makes this so more much convenient?

Slimline is really a desktop term for slim small form factor desktops, like the Optiplex 360. I see about 3 laptops I can find that call themselves slimline.

WOOT GUYS: Can you do a test for us and find what laptops fit? I’m sure you have some of those laptops from the Wootoff hanging around.

It was a royal pain in the gluteus maximus three weeks ago when I had to get my laptop out of my backpack to get through security. It would be nice to keep this out until I get past security, then stuff it into the backpack while I’m waiting at the gate.

This item runs ~$50 and more elsewhere:

I have a different checkpoint friendly laptop bag, and it’s worth the money not having to remove and put the laptop through the security scanner, then pack it back in an normal laptop bag/backpack.

Don’t know about this item, though. Can’t find any reviews online.

At the airports, you always have to take out your laptop, and sometimes even turn it on. In this case, you don’t have to rummage- just unclip and there it is. Personally, I prefer a backpack for DVD storage if nothing else and the saved minute or two isn’t worth it, but YMMV.

As far as “slimline” size, I’ve looked around a bit and cannot find the definition of it. From seeing these in the past though, a typical laptop will not fit. 17" laptops are typically more multimedia friendly and bulky (I know my 2 are). There’s a few “slimline” types out there by Sony that I found that appear to be about 1" thick.

If you’re lugging a 17" one around, just get the regular bag for the padding, as these are VERY light on padding, and with your big laptop in there, you’re going to have spots with almost no padding - you’ve basically just put a shoulder strap on your laptop.

Yeah, unfortunately, there’s probably not going to be anybody at HQ to do that until too late. Looked on the product website and it was just as vague.

How strong is that velcro? It seems like if the bag snagged on something, the laptop would fall out.

Just went back to the front page and realized that’s the PC I have for work in the picture, which is a Dell 630 15.4". That means, for you curious folks, the 17" would go lengthwise, covering that neon green you see, if you are curious on where your computer would go.

Thickness value is still out, but I’m thinking 1" or so max.

ok so some clarification please: if you have your laptop in this bag you won’t have to take it out of the bag when it goes through the checkpoints at the airport?

To get past security you have to boot up the laptop - at least in the airports I’ve been through.

You can put the laptop through the scanner, open the bag, and your laptop is ready to have the cover opened and ability to boot displayed. Then you can just fold it back over itself and you’re done.

This looks like an interesting and nice product, and a great deal price-wise.

It would be great to see some reviews of the item–I haven’t been able to find any online.

My only feeling as to the product is that it seems fine for general light transport, where there won’t be bumps. But where there is the possibility that one’s laptop could be bumped in the case (such as at the airport, and when one has multiple bags), I would be concerned that a layer of neoprene would provide limited protection. In that case, as someone else notes above, I would feel more comfortable putting this case in other luggage/a backpack.

Actually, as opposed to another comment above, my impression from the manf.'s website is that you don’t need to remove the laptop from the case at security–as this is a single layer of casing (once you remove the accessory case or perhaps flip it to the side), the x-ray machine can see the computer well enough to avoid your having to do anything further. This is how many “security-free” bags now are designed.

As the manf. states: “Our patent-pending design allows your laptop to remain in the bag while passing through airport X-ray scanners.”

thanks. although thats interesting b/c i havent had to boot up mine on the domestic flights ive taken recently. maybe you do on international ones, but i havent taken my laptop yet on any of my intl. flights.

nice catch.