Aeroprene Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Wrap

Woah, fast moving woot-off

do not want

So, it’s a Trapper Keeper for computer weenies?

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That was quick

I’m wary of whether or not it can handle my 17" MBP… Is it slimline enough?

i think my posts are quality. why is woot slacking???

That was easy

Awwww hell…and i was gonna go to sleep…damn you woot…damn you.

What is ‘aeroprene’ anyway

Quality posts rarely happen during a woot-off.

me thinks aeroprene is a made up name

do they every give out a bag of crap during a wootoff?

Note: not to be confused with lettuce wraps

Fast woots no more… time for Starcraft!!!

No, it is for computers. Computer weenies is a technology that has not been created yet! But if it was, I’m sure it would look totally different than this.

Sounds suspiciously close to aeroplane… BRITISH-MADE? Good luck getting anyone to buy THAT.

Isn’t it about time you mixed it up a little?

Perhaps just enjoy the woots, stop working for the man…

saddddddddddddd faceeeeeeeeeeee

The one phrase in all Wootdom that is guaranteed to put me off: “doubles as a mouse pad.”