Affinity 32" 720p LED HDTV w/ DVD Player

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Affinity 32" LED TV/DVD Combo
Price: $199.99
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DVDs will soon be as relevant as VHS tapes.

DVD’s are going to be around for quite a while still. High speed internet is still either too expensive or not available for many and DVD’s help fill the streaming media void. Working in education I can attest that DVD’s are alive and well as we use them on a daily basis.

Best Buy had a 32" HDTV/DVD combo for $99.99 as one of its pre-Black Friday promotions. Because of falling prices, why not just buy a $150 TV and a $20 DVD player?

While I agree on DVDs not being replaced by bluray, the internet is mostly high speed at this point. You can get high speed internet even in most remote areas now even in a mobile now as well.

70% of people have high speed internet access. The Percentage of folks with access but choose not too makes it even higher.

I rather get this one so when the DVD goes out I can hook another up. Or if TV goes out 1st this will make one heck of a DVD Player hooked to my new TV. Hill Billy style.(^_-)

Those people who choose not to get high-speed internet are still DVD users, I’ll bet.

However, it is a dwindling market. How many DVD rental places do you pass nowadays? Red Box at some grocery stores is it, for me - and I doubt they’ll exist at all in five years.

Sooooooooooooo, how about this TV? Thoughts? Opinions?

I’ve never heard of this brand. Quick search on the internet showed it being sold out at websites advertising this brand. Seems to be an older brand/model.

Define “quite a while”. How many music albums are available on audio cassettes today? CDs are also being phased out. Most young people don’t even own any “hard media” and prefer everything to be saved on a drive or in the cloud.

I agree with the criticism of using a DVD player. Why not equip an HDTV with a player that is HD??? Stoopid to do otherwise. :slight_smile: