Affinity 39" 1080p LED w/BT 2.1 Soundbar

The folks in that picture will definitely need a Harmony remote.

They remind of those greeting cards with the old folks on 'em.

LOL. I wonder if the bluetooth with interface with their hearing aids?

Is any special hardware needed to mount TV’s that have an attached soundbar?

Doesn’t look to me like the soundbar attaches to the TV. In the first picture it’s just sitting on the stand for the TV. The TV stand isn’t typically used when wall mounting a TV.

Oops, Conan, deleted the link because I thought the model number was wrong. My bad. Please repost.

Also not on par with Full Array LED

Direct-lit LED backlights are an offshoot of full-array backlighting, in that they use LEDs spread across the entire back panel of the TV. (The TV’s spec page may just refer to these TVs as having a full-array backlight.) However, there are a few key differences compared to the more expensive full-array LED sets we’ve tested previously. One is that they use significantly fewer LEDs across the back of the panel. Another is that these sets lack the local dimming feature.

Was on sale at newegg for 299 in january.

[MOD: TV only, no soundbar]


No special mounting needed, as you can put the sound bar in front of the TV or even behind, if the TV sets on a table.

[QUOTE=jptraub, post:9, topic:378587]
No special mounting needed, as you can put the sound bar in front of the TV or even behind, if the TV sets on a table.

The New EGG deal did not include the $149.00 sound bar!

1000:1 Contrast ratio?

Then it looks like you’re buying a $399 sound bar.

I work with Affinity and will be happy to answer any questions…

I would love to see an edited version of those folks with an Xbox or PS3 controller in Grammeemaw’s hands, and maybe a Move or Wii controller sticking out of Pop’s right hand…“Dang it Beatrice, It’s my turn already!”

Is this any good?

TT I think it is time for Us to chip in and get you some new glasses :slight_smile: or A screen cleaner. :slight_smile: But we still luvs ya :slight_smile:

I’m slightly interested in this TV… but really only because of the width… it is just perfect for my 36" wide TV cabinet in my bedroom.

But Affinity? What’s that? I looked through my Dish Network remote control guide and there is no Affinity code… I googled it… is Affinity a rebranded Emerson? Emerson was crap, too… so this has me thinking that this may be a really bad idea to purchase this thing…

Why does it require two remotes?

Does anyone have any review videos or whatnot of that soundbar and how it works with iPhones over bluetooth, etc… ?

I HAZ GLASSES! The model number on the TV was hiding on me, I swear!

Welcome and thanks for joining us! We love it when reps chime in to answer questions.

so how would you use this with Dish, as there do not seem to be codes for it?

What kind of inputs & outputs does the sound bar have? I’m in the market for a soundbar for a kids “cinema” at church, but optical audio will do me no good. Ideally, it needs to have an HDMI input & an output. The DVD player I have to work with doesn’t have an optical output but it does have HDMI, plus the projector has HDMI input but not optical audio output.
UPDATE: Aah, I’m gonna answer myself (looked it up on some egghead site)… it has 2 x RCA (left/right analog), 1 x 3.5mm stereo minijack