AFG 3.0AE Elliptical Trainer

Similar model set-up video with some AWESOME music!


The manufacturer’s website.

$10 more last May, at $554.99, no comments:

One review, looks like same thing, not sold anymore at Amazon:

Where is everybody?

Just let me know when one of you guys puts it on craigslist for $150.

I purchased the 4.0AE on Amazon this past summer. It works great, and was relatively easy to put together. I had never heard of the brand but it was an Amazon Lightning Deal. I’m very happy with the purchase. It’s quite large, takes up a good chunk of my living room, but I’ve had no issues with it at all. Slight squeaking at times, but very sturdy and never wobbly. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.

I bought the 4.0 here on Woot last May. I put it together and found that it was making a loud scraping sound as it revolved. I called the manufacturer, and they sent someone out to fix it. A piece inside was slightly bent so it was rubbing against the wheel. The tech fixed it, and also left me with the extra parts that AFG sent me to replace which ended up not being needed.

After the initial hassle, it works great. It squeaks a little after some use, but Ive put a LOT of use on it. I used it to help me lose 50 pounds in about 4-5 months. Best woot purchase ever.

Now that’s FUNNY…