After All This Time?

Er, except “after all this time,” Snape’s patronus was a doe, not a stag, eh?


I like how the glow of the stag lights up the dark forest.

Very nice glows, sets a pretty scene.

Can you imagine walking in the woods and seeing this? Fantastic.

Yes. That was my first thought, too.

I think it’s a princess mononoke crossover. Looks framed up exactly like the scene where ashitaka first sees the forest god.

it turns out that Snape was actually in love with James the whole time.

Glad to see the number of people who noticed the whole stag thing. Sad to see that mistake made when the effects of the shirt are so well done.

I am wondering how many harry potter shirts one person can own before it becomes excessive. Not that it matters, buying it anyway…

The stag did confuse me at first re: the title; it took me a while to understand the reference, and I read all the HP books and have all the movies. Still, the art is gorgeous (wouldn’t mind having it as a framed print for my wall) and it captivates my pagan Horned-Lord worshipping soul.

Uh…? Wasn’t that the stag that Harry saw across the lake and thought it was his Dad, but it was really himself saving himself? (he was with his Uncle) (Nothing to do with Snapes Doe, that was a separate time)
(May I ad, trust me I’m a Potter! lol)

Would it be dumb if I got this shirt even though I have absolutely zero knowledge of any of the Harry Potter books? I mean, srsly, I know nothing of it. I just think the design is really cool.

Congrats, Omar! I know they aren’t related, but this makes a great companion piece to Night of the Ulric. Animal spirits ftw!

Omar- you are (in my opinion) at your best when you bring out your sometimes ethereal, always majestic animals…
Completely gorgeous.

And to people worried about it being a stag instead of a doe- The title of the shirt won’t be around when you wear it and everyone ogles you! :smiley:

'Tis the spirit of Bambi’s father, methinks.

Wow, what a great surprise waking up to this.

To clarify, I am completely aware that Snape’s patronus is a doe, and James’ a stag. Design wise, the stag looks more majestic and I decided to go with it

The title is there so people know it’s based on the Harry Potter series. This title is more poetic, at least that was my intention, because the title “I thought me and my godfather were saved by who I thought was my dead father that came back to life and decided not to talk to me and just disappear after saving me, when it actually was the future me that saved us”, that was a little too long for a title.

The good thing about the title is that is just that, a title and it is not printed in the actual shirt, so it doesn’t affect that you can wear it and enjoy the art :slight_smile:

Once again, thanks to everyone that voted, I’m so excited!!!

Nice design, but are you sure this isn’t just a scene from Princess Mononoke?

I get the license taken on the title… But to some rabid HP fans, it might be considered sacrilegious. To the rest, it is a pretty shirt you should buy.

I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, I thought this was related to Fred Bear; a hunters dream.