After All This Time?

I prefer it with the stag, and I don’t think the title is necessarily exclusive of the situation where the patronus appears. It could be more like a reference to his father’s patronus having been gone for so long. I’m not really a Snape fan.

Huge HP nerd…and came to say this. Would probably have gone for it if it were a doe. Love the design.

Given the title, no.

Is this American Apparel or Anvil? I haven’t ordered in a while and I know there was a switch at some point.

As the title isn’t printed on the shirt, why does that stop you from wearing it?

I am of the opinion that Snape was a twat and having some weird fixation on Harry’s dead mother doesn’t somehow absolve him of a lifetime of being a pretty horrible person.

So long story short, I am not a Snape fan at all. This is why I’ve never purchased the “Always” shirt, even though I think the artwork is beautiful. Glad to have another option now.

Screw all the Harry Potter debate, this is an awesome Mononoke shirt!

… and after all this time too.


I am one of the biggest HP geeks (not nerd) you will find. I love the shirt. Seeing it I immediately thought of Harry fighting off the dementors across the lake. Not the doe scene in book 7. The shirt is awesome, YOU DON’T WEAR THE TITLE.

exactly the opposite of what usually happens, someone has a catchy title that you need to understand the shirt. nobody ‘gets’ the image of the shirt based on a title they can’t see.

Alright, I’m saying it, Shirt Woot has fallen off it’s game.

It’s a nice shirt, no question, and this really isn’t about this specific shirt.

There used to be much better stuff. Funnier gags mostly. I miss these:

I just looked over the last two months and what little of that there is, isn’t near as good.

The designs are quality. They are nice looking shirts, they just aren’t what brought me here in the first place.

Since I have no idea about anything relating to Harry Potter, and didn’t realize it until I read these comments, I thought the same thing.

Although, you might have said that in a sarcastic tone, since the doe/stag debate seems to be the issue of the moment here.

How many times must I ask without getting an answer??? Why can’t the images be offered on the reverse side of the T’s???



I think the frustration comes in that some designers think because they attach something Harry Potter related to it (accurate or not), HP fans will simply buy it. No, the title is not printed on the shirt, but when mistitled, (and I understand the artist’s reasoning) it says, I kinda know something about Harry Potter, but not really enough to be a fan, but they’re fanatical, they’ll buy it because it’s Harry Potter related. Even if it’s wrong. Example, Quidditch basic boring design on other site with Est. 1995 on it.

We just won’t be able to- we offer our designs on one side, and for the great majority, we’ve opted for that side to be the front.

Anvil, you can tell in the features- if it says the tee is made in America, it’s an AA, but the majority of our tees right now are on Anvil.

I respect what you’re saying, but I have more of an issue with a mistake in the shirt design (ie. quidditch 1995) versus something in the title. There have been designs that I almost bought, only to realize there was something that ‘ruined it’ for me.

also thanks for being reasonable/polite

Really would have loved to add this shirt as a compliment to my Always t-shirt, as I am a huge Snape fan. Unfortunately, it’s a stag and not a doe :frowning:

This is Harry’s patronus, not Snape’s.

This turned the “that’s not a doe” non-sale into a sale! SQUEE, my Potterhead is going wild with thoughts of fanfics!

Sigh, sometimes some people make me ashamed to be a nerd.

Omar has created a beautiful shirt, open to many interpretations. View it, buy it and wear it as whatever you wish, but stop the quibbling!

I want this shirt so bad! I wish woot didn’t switch the women’s shirts to ones with awful fit. :frowning: