Against the Sky

Very nice design! I wish I didn’t already have about 15 different shirts! Oh well, in for one…
Bought by an old Arizona curmudgeon who doesn’t care what the sexists think.

One of the worst write-ups EVAR…

I purchased one. Love the design :slight_smile:

Knew you could do it! =) Hope to see more designs of yours on t-shirts someday.

Nice shirt, but I’ve already bought quite a few “not so manly” shirts, so I’m getting this for my wife.

It is kind of curt, isn’t it?

Oh well, Woot. Swirly-girly is what the people want, and swirly-girly is what the people will get (or what a significant number will vote for at least, given the chance).

that looks awesome. I’m glad I got one early.

Beautiful design :slight_smile:

Yay ! I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for a shirt I could by for my 9 year old niece and finally we get one. I stayed up late tonight hoping it would be at least a 2nd place winner…congrats and I got my order in !!!

beautiful design… but i dont need my sexuality questioned anymore than it already is

pretty, but I dont have the thin black eye-glasses to go with it.

Yay! I waited up just for this! Looks great!

Placement: Centered

Do they mean centered over the left chest?

click the image to enlarge, and see that a big chunk of blackness is part of the design on the left of the butterfly hahha

Ahhaa, it’s eerie to see one’s work on the front page.

Thanks so much everyone! Much appreciation for all your support and kindness over the week, as well. You guys are the best.

Not this time. I hope I don’t get one as a Random Shirt…

People really like this??? Looks like it’s from 1975!!! Can I get one in Rhinstones?

i signed up just to get this! i loves it. =)

I found your bedazzler in your ‘ZOMG I’m Ebullient’ closet

Get to work

Butterfly in the sky…you can fly twice as hi.