Against the Sky

I say that Woot should offer more shirts like this, not necessarily this, but like this.

Wow… beautiful design! I’m in for two, one for myself, and one for my girlfriend- it’ll be our first set of matching shirts :stuck_out_tongue:

This is so gorgeous, it’s the only shirt I’ve ever seen on shirt.woot that I’ve immediately wanted, without hesitation. I’m so glad this one made it out of the fog. Everything about it is perfect, from the colors to the placement. Such a great job.

Stunning shirt…not for everyone, perhaps, but perfect for me!

Lulz!!! you too funnieeeeeee.

Congratulations on your first shirt.woot printing. (It is your first, right?) Beautiful design.

In for one! It seems like there’s a lot of criticism about black t-shirts but personally I love them! The dark color makes my chest look smaller so guys don’t stare as much :-P. Add that to a design that’s awesome like this and I can’t resist. Thanks Mitohapa! :slight_smile:

I got one, because it’s black ( I only wear darker colors) and one of the very few shirts that has a design that looks like it’s for a woman. I agree, they should have more shirts like this one.

The last one I got was a dark maroon and had a woman with earphones on. It was a fascinating picture but had 2 brown drip marks I wasn’t crazy about but I bought it anyway…OK, I’m through rambling…carry on

Alot of buyers in Frisco. Crisco oil city.

got one. appropriate for me, but definitely not for everyone.

probably from mariposa county. =)

Totally in for one!! Bout time we had another girlie shirt!

Awesome shirt, but I am not one for butterflies.

Ah, beautiful. I’m in for 2…

Really neat design. I’m not quite sure if I’m manly enough to wear butterflies though. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah I’m probably in for one. First design since Decomposition that I’ve really dug.

So if the shirt is acceptable, you have to complain about what they say about it. You people amaze me.

Can we get a few new artists please.

same reason I’m gonna have to pass… cool shirt though.

In for one.

Great design.

In for one - really nice! But what is up with the write-up today - was the author in a bad mood or what?