In for ONE! AH, AH, AHHH!


Congratulations, Poops!

I was counting on this winning, ah ah ahhh! :slight_smile: Congrats. You’ll sell a ton of these.

Way to go Poopy!!! Brings out the inner child in everyone!

I had to check, you did start at 1.

As a 6’9” 400lb elementary school teacher, I wish this came in larger sizes. I wear a 4XLT.

Congratulations on your first derby win, Poopy!

The shirt is great, and the write up about it got me laughing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Excellent shirt!

**In other news… there is something weird going on. Check out “Everything But Woot.” I think that Chinese Spammers are at work or something. There are dozens and dozens of weird posts. Someone had better look into this…

Gotta go… I’ll check in later!**

Love this shirt. in for one.

Congrats on your first derby win! One. One derby win. (and counting)
Ah ah ah.

Can’t quite believe this has happened! Thanks everyone for your votes! and super comments
:heart_eyes: :poop:

such a great design! if the woot prices were cheaper for kid-size shirts, i’d be buying so many more…

Congrats! Fun design.

I’m still waiting on that person who reads the full thing to find out if there’s a missing number.

I love this shirt.

I was going to buy it for my first grade son, but I can’t get this scene out of my head…


Kevin McCallister: So give it a shot, for your granddaughter anyway. I’m sure she misses you and the presents.

Marley: I send her a check.

Kevin McCallister: I wish my grandparents did that. They always send me clothes. Last year I got a sweater with a big bird knitted on it.

Marley: That’s nice.

Kevin McCallister: Not for a guy in the second grade. You can get beat up for wearing something like that. Yeah, I had a friend who got nailed because there was a rumor he wore dinosaur pajamas.

Congrats on your first win :slight_smile:

cheers all :slight_smile: