Ah hee hee!

Actually the answer is 42…

If you change your shirt every 4 hours.

It only received 287 votes, so I find that unlikely. But you never know…

they need SOMETHING to stuff in the Random Bags (probably coming up within a week’s time)

Nice shirt! I’d get so many laughs if I wore this thing.

They’ll probably be doing Editor’s Picks all week. I wouldn’t expect a random shirt before next week.

we’ve seen worse.

Isn’t that a bit misleading? Good shirts can stuff random bags as well as bad shirts can.

It could happen.

if you had kids…

if you had dogs…

if you had kids and dogs…

if you had a shirt fetish…

Ummm. . .just not for me. (You fill in the blanks.)
Congrats anyhow.

Reminds me of Dateline NBC, but I had to do it.

well, since i like having a pervert free torso, i guess i get to save way more money than i expected for a do over derby.
heres hoping for something decent and PG-13 tomorrow

I have very rarely gotten a ‘first choice’ shirt (that is to say, a shirt I’d snag up the night it prints) in a random. That’s only happened once.

I’ve got a kid, and he poops a lot. He gets his onesie changed every 4 hours… I could theoretically be changing my shirt that often as well but I don’t leave the apartment much, so I don’t mind walking around with spit-up on myself.

This post will probably be deleted, but I have to say this. This shirt would go really well with the naked toddler cowboy design in the derby right now.

I am a child of the 80s. Must have.

In for One. Who will dance. On the floor. In the round.

Sure, but every design that prints will end up in a random eventually. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m embarrassed

How is this perverted?

WOW! This was a surprise. Didn’t expect this one at all!

it mainly reminds me of the break dance game back on commodore 64… ohh well