Ah... the Good Ol' Days

So… does anyone else remember the good ol’ days… you know, back when Woot had… hell, I won’t even go as far back as one item a day. Does anyone remember back when Woot would have one item featured per category? Too many times Woot has a category within a category featured. Today, on the main Woot, they have featured an entire freaking Electronics category. Come on, Woot… is it laziness or greed?

A company has a right to grow, change, and diversify as needed to survive. There’s a LOT more competition now than there was 15 years ago. Without change, we wouldn’t have survived.

And I’ve never heard anyone mention this topic before.

Also, moved it to EBW.




We tried hard to register Woot as a 501©(3) tax-exempt non-profit but the gubment wouldn’t accept that making random bargain hunters happy by just having a single product a day at cost was a charitable endeavor. Obviously they’re wrong, but you know. Also when we pitched to the devs that they’d need to work for free, and they immediately started to put their miniature lord of the rings hand painted models into carefully bubble-wrapped boxes, we figured we should probably just stick to offering cool deals at the best prices we could while being able to pay our employees and make a few bucks enough so that we could stay in business and stuff. The world is unfair.

So you can call it greed. It’s not laziness, the vendor managers work their butts off and it is a hard, hard job, but given the amount of money I pour back into the company by buying stuff, I think there are a fair few hits on the treasure they uncover. There’s misses too, but at a higher scale it’s still hard to catch all the comps etc. My dev team is working on tooling to make it easier and more comprehensive to determine deal quality is the best possible product and price we can list up here. It’s a moving target but we are working hard in here to get y’all the best products we can and we cheer when one of our deals hits Frontpage on slickdeals or sells out in minutes. My coworkers are anything BUT lazy.


We need more OMG deals!

It’s been a while since @bsmith1 complained about a bad deal from there.


Just think…
For some people, these years will be the “Good Ol Days” someday…


Well that’s a depressing thought.

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I had to go shopping in the real world. It was scary, but I saw these and thought of you.


lol… I happen to be one of those people (Archie and Edith), but do you know how depressing that thought is - that these will be considered the “good ol’ days” someday?

I think you guys took a little too much offense at my comment! As much as I liked the original “one deal a day” format, ok… I get business. I don’t like it, but I get it. I wasn’t complaining about the fact that you offer multiple items on the site. I was… not really complaining at all, just commenting… that the main Woot category was always a single, featured item at an attractive price point.Too often as of late, the main Woot category is a category unto itself - just like [Electronics], [Computers] or [Tools & Garden] - with price points too often comparable to the mothership.

:smile: You know me. If anything, I’m unique :wink:

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If I drank coffee (which I don’t), this would possibly be “my” flavor. :sunglasses:

Now I’m feeling somewhat fancy, so thanks.


Just like everybody else.

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I wore this catshirt this morning.

I’ve since changed into Scape Space Penguins, though. My Space Cats is in the wash pile.


I’ve got the humming bird one on.

I really like that one, but I don’t buy black clothes because of the cat hair lol.

Most people won’t get that.

Yeah – hence why I have cat plushies instead of actual cats.

Of course not. That’s because back in the days here, the CEO never drew any penguins.

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I meant the crossed out word.

Well it’s crossed out because you never were one, right? :smile_cat:

Maybe if I had some sort of acknowledgement. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Nearly 3 years later, by the way.)

For a penguin, you sure have a long memory.