Ahhhdorable Tee & Accessory

I hate you so much. This is the first thing I bought from this woot-off. I have a weakness for unicats.

What is the one size?

So cute, yet so terrifying…much of my feelings about shirtwoot!

gosh darnit! I forgot to click submit order before I came back here to post!!! nooooooooooo!!!

It’s the selection they use so you can do a quick pick on the bonus item, then they get your shirt size later.

This shirt it really tempting, as I work for a pet store.

For future reference, it means that you are buying the “bundle”. Woot will contact you individually (at a later time) to see what shirt size you want.

Possibly NSFW …
How Much do Cats Actually Kill? (The Oatmeal)

Yea, “cats love it”

Why should the cat get to have all the fun? I wonder if that horn would fit on MY head? And can I has two of them plz?

An Amazon review by “Robert”…

Plus, it’s inflatable… Kittehs tend to nom on things with pointy teeth, just an FYI to the manufacturer.

You win, Woot! I bought this one.

Shirt-off score
Girlfriend: 2 shirts
theco2: 1 shirt

The Oatmeal has some awesome stuff!

This one is EPIC!

Why do you think I finally broke down?

And it’s a first by Wadeless. Is this a sign of things to come?

I didn’t get a horn! This is the first time I have ever posted!

I know the combo is sold out, but just want to say that it’s always nice to see woot partnering with Archie McPhee.