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What size is the (1) Cool Gel Top Memory Foam Pillow - Blue?

Standard? Queen? KING?

Sorry for the late reply. I emailed the buyer, and I’ll update my post when I hear back.

Update: standard size pillow

Can you say where the cool wool products are manufactured?

Electric Blankets?

Made in China.

Hellllloooooo…what is the “blend” in the cool wool blend mattress topper and other cool wool Woot products??? Is it “faux” sheep?? :slight_smile:


If you click through to the sale’s detail page, you’ll see the material listed on the Specs.

Just to be clear, is it correct that the MP-011B-6Q Quilted 4-Z Mattress Enhancer for sale here is made by EUROPEUDIC, and not EUROPEDIC? Amazon lists some (very expensive) Europedic mattress topppers, but none look like this one.

Thank you!

Interesting. I googled EUROPEUDIC and it’s a brand of pillows sold at jcpenney, sears, and k-mart. I couldn’t find a EUROPEUDIC matress pad though, only pillows.

I’m just gonna quote the email reply from the person that set up the sale:

This spelling mistake has been brought to U by the letter U. Corrected.

Are those scented pillows incredibly overpowering?

I have no idea which I would be able to tolerate.