Aiming for Excellence

Distressed look really works for this. Not normally a Star Wars shirt fan, but the motto makes me think I wouldn’t mind wearing this one.

Love the cross hair mark on the forehead, except it’s usually the useless body armor that’s the problem.

I hope that Academy has a barn to practice shooting!

He’s got a nice chin cleft, doesn’t he?

THIS was the shirt I was looking for.

They can’t shoot anything worth a darn but they can run into Deathstar doors. Poor background Stormtrooper in episode IV. He’s never gonna live that one down. Awww, the Trooper mask even looks like a sad face.

BTW, it’s not just Stormtroopers who can’t seem to shoot worth a darn. I’ve always wondered why it was only Optimus Prime who could ever seem to hit anything. Is that what the Matrix did? Bestow the power to aim? Except of course when some bad guy had to hit someone to wound/kill a character for dramatic effect.

If it were only glow in the dark…my poor kids would be able to see me coming as I yelled ‘save yourselves…the Clone Troopers are coming…’

Oh wait, that’d be cool!

Might have to report you for child abuse. Nobody should watch or acknowledge the prequels. Children should especially not be exposed. It’s a crime (in my mind)

That’s pretty deep, and throwing the Matrix in there almost blew my mind. If this is real and is my mind…

What sequels, I refuse to believe they ever existed. What you are talking about I know not. Herh herh herh.

Wait until the JJ Abramsized Star Wars, then you’ll cherish the prequels. … I’m kidding, I hope.

Congrats to Rad on another fine shirt!

"These aren’t the sequels you’re looking for.

Nice work–congrats Radscoolian!

This comes right as I’m finishing my 501st bucket build. Great timing, in for one :slight_smile:

looks like eddie. . . UP THE IRONS!!

didnt even notice, but hell yes

Ever watch the A-Team back in the 80’s? Insanity!

If only the Mars Polar Lander operator had attended the Imperial Academy. Missing by a mile is sometimes so much better than the alternative…

Just wondering, does anyone know about the quality of the material used in these shirts? Is it preshrunk cotton?