Ain't Muffin To It


I think that carbs ARE the food equivalent of a hug. That would explain why the carbs love to hug my hips!

Congrats on the Print, Dino Mike! :slight_smile:

holy cow. make a “glutens gonna glute” shirt, i would totally wear it

I really want to spend my money but there hasn’t been a good shirt since Ground Control to Major Tom a few weeks ago.

You should offer kids sizes!

My aspiring baker daughter will love this apron. Bakin’ it easy. :slight_smile:

They DO offer kids sizes. Look at the pull down tabs when you order.

Hey Woot, you didn’t include Dino Mike’s shirt catalog.

that little cake is such a half pint

I only see the tee as an option. How do I order the apron?

Special items like aprons and hoodies are only available on the first day of the sale. :frowning: Sorry!