Ain't No Fountain High Enough

Can someone tell me how these are powered?

Do these fountains have a reservoir? If yes, how big is it?

Hi all, info on power and reservoirs are being added to the specs now. Hope that helps.

So — it’s not necessary to connect these things to a water supply, correct? Ya just plug 'em in, and fill 'em up with water? Hmmmm… I wonder how quickly the water evaporates? Maybe some installation or operating instructions would be illuminating.

Oh… I see the “Brunswick” fountain doesn’t have a reservoir. I wonder how that one works.

Funny how they give you the size of the fountain in inches and the reservoir in centimeters… Power looks to be per electrical cord.

It looks like the reservoir is 16 inches by slightly over 7 inches, so it might be just the size of the bowl for the crescent fountain. Some of the fountains look like they have an extra reservoir (Foster fountain). Others mention a reservoir, but not the size which could lead to pump failure when it runs dry due to evaporation, etc…

I love fountains and the larger the reservoir, the better off you are in general. To bad they aren’t taller since 21" is a great height for my cat to stalk/capture unsuspecting birds getting a drink…

Not to mention that one of the reservoirs is 2.75 squared by something like 15 high. ???

Pointing out that woot is trying to sell crap without providing sufficient information to actually reveal the true crappiness of the crap is a sure fire way NOT to get a “quality post” recognition.

I found the 3 page instruction pdf here It says it holds at least 3.7 gallons of water, and the river stones are included. The LED bulbs are located under the thin layer of rocks and not in the center bowl. It includes a wall-wart, so I’m guessing the pump and bulbs are 5 or 12 volts.

Sorry, but Fountains of Wayne closed years ago.

The band, however, is awesome.

No plastic (“resin”, yeah right) dreck going into my yard.

I got the rattan one with the globe on top. The globe is plastic and there’s a pretty hideous mounting bracket for the lights on the inside that’s visible through it.

It’s cheesy looking. Much worse than I expected.