Ain't No Party Like A Boston Party

The pink’s a bit too much for my taste - I might consider buying one for my bro at MIT

Congrats cheese. brown is always nice.

Haha! Such an awesome shirt. In for one.

This would make the day of my government teacher. Oh, the revolution…

I live in Boston. I’m not sure if I want this one…

Someone tell me what to do.

Can I order a Reno version with a trailer?


In for 1

I dig it, in for one.

move to Texas


(now how many teabag jokes do you think there are going to be?)

I’m down for one!


Gratz Cheesey!


I’m in for 1.

such a great shirt. saving money and just getting the gf one. she’ll be excited, ill miss out, but thats ok.

you should get it. it would be hilarious

Sweet. I’m in for one. Too bad I’ve already taken Colonial history.

I’m originally from right-outside Boston. In for one.

don’t move to texas. get the shirt and stay in boston. it would be better.

“Raw Tea in the Parlor Makes the Ladies Holla”