Ain't Nobody Got Time For Crap

bag of crap be gone instantly!

Ugh, why do I get logged out and have to log back in? BS.

Got to cart, then gone

Nailed that one. Time to update my badge. Good luck everybody.

Been a wooter now for 10 years, still never have been able to get one. They always sell out while going through the checkout process, or some other BS. Now the super limited BoCs make it even harder.

this will be my fourth. I am so happy I got no life at night now. 3am bag of crap, worth it

I won’t be trying for a bag this wootoof! One less competitor for the rest of you! Good luck all!

Thanks, Shortman!

Have you tried refreshing the Community page instead of the Woot! page?

Huzzah! My second ever Bowl of Cheerios, and so now I don’t need to waste my whole day’s work tomorrow. Whoo!

Good luck to everyone crappin’ it up for the rest of the day, godspeed! Eyes on the prize. To the F5ing Community, you’ve gotta WantOne until you’ve got one, if you catch my semi-cryptic drift.

I’d say that after the last crap I got which was pretty crappy, but after seeing the crap pallet from that one as well, I don’t know that I’ll be able to stop myself.


I kinda feel the same since I just bought a Mystery Box from DailySteals… I don’t want to have too much mysterious fun.