AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

Gotta love this turd. The pics show it almost exclusively used with in-ground pools, yet the features section of the description clearly says it’s intended for use with small above ground pools, and will not climb walls or stairs.

So if you have an above ground pool and are too lazy to manually brush the bottom (because you’ll still need to brush the sides) and have and extra $200 laying around in hopes of saving you 5 minutes worth of brushing and netting work, this is the product for you!

We’ll sort of…you will spend that saved 5 minutes taking it in and out of the pool, cleaning and charging the robot, but hey! You now have a robot pool cleaner! Congrats!! You have made it my friend!

Hard pass.

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Well, it’s not just brushing. My above-ground pool has no floor drain, so if you want the crud out, you have to have some sort of vacuum. And skimmer vacuums are fussy and annoying to get suction started, not very fun to use, and require storing all that hose somewhere.
That said, this particular product is often (last week most recently) $205 on amazon, so this is only $5 off, and it’s currently got a $14 coupon (no idea if the coupon works when it’s marked down to $205 though).

Going to the manufacturer website, there is a paid endorsement video where the user puts it in the pool, takes it out an hour later and says we’ll probably need 3 more times and her pool is too large for it. She does show how it collected a little dirt leaves etc. The video on Amazon by the manufacturer shows a small above ground pool being cleaned while the user does yoga, where is the video of a dirty before pool and a clean after pool?

I have an in-ground pool with a vinyl liner and a pretty much flat floor. It is just within the size range listed. Yeah, I guess I do scrub the liner-- maybe every two weeks or monthly. I need to get crap off the bottom more like daily. If this will get the organic stuff off the bottom and out of the pool, this would make it a lot easier to maintain water quality.

I wish I could find more actual satisfied customers, though.

The listing has a link to the mfr warranty, which says:

(NOTE: This warranty period applies only to this website and does not apply to products purchased on other websites.)

So, maybe no warranty. Even if they honor the warranty, it says that you have 14 days to report a defective product, and they will replace that product ONCE. So, if the replacement is also defective, you are done. No returns in any case if it does not work for you. This is worse than a Woot warranty.

I’ve noticed this about a lot of pool equipment. Everything is disposable. It’s a hole in the back yard into which you throw money.

We’re an authorized dealer and the warranty is as stated. :slight_smile: