Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites (6)

just waiting for the first “price per pound” comment in 3,2,1…

Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites 6-Pack Sampler: Gouda & Cheddar
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$19.99 $31.00 36% off List Price
(3) - Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites, Gouda, 1.42oz/40g Bag
(3) - Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites, Cheddar, 1.42oz/40g Bag

I have it on good authority that “Gouda” is properly pronounced “How-da”.

You’re welcome.

Where do they get the food items they sell. I have yet to see one that is a good deal, and this has to be the worst. $20 for 6 freaking bags of cheese puffs. LOL

I’ve seen a similar product sold at starbucks Moon Cheese or something they sell for like 4 dollars a package

As you wish…
Unit Price = $37.56/lb

When I hear cheese puff I think the big airy Cheetos corn puff, but these are all cheese so they’re going to be more expensive. Cheese Whisps are $1.50/oz at Amazon, these are $2.34/oz here. Maybe they’re 50% better cheese?

This is available at regular Amazon for the same price with faster shipping.

You mean the people that sell $5.00 cups of coffee sell them for $4.00. So this has to be a deal. LOL

With no reviews.

For $20 you could buy a pretty good size block of cheese. Here you are getting six 1.42 oz bags of cheese flavored air.

Wow, with these I can beef some Air Cheese air cheese.

That is a strangely high carbohydrate number for just cheese. Even with the larger serving size, it’s as much as twice what moon cheese or Cello Whisps lists.

It’s because each package only has one serving whereas moon cheese has 4.5 servings in (slightly larger) package.

Yep you’re right but that’s an AMAZON thing, would never have happened on the good old Woot site. Whole thing has gone to the Cheese Bites