Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites (6)

Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites 6-Pack Sampler: Gouda & Cheddar
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $14.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $31.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 52% off List Price
(3) - Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites, Gouda, 1.42oz/40g Bag
(3) - Air Cheese Crunchy Cheese Bites, Cheddar, 1.42oz/40g Bag

Actually “air” is mostly Nitrogen (78%) with Oxygen (20%) and other junk mixed in for good measure

So… does that mean these are only 20% cheese and 78% something else or am I over thinking the whole thing?

You can get an 8 pack for the same price on Amazon. Same size and cheese flavor options. Basically I’m just saying this isn’t the best deal you can get on here.

Sounds very similar to a product called Moon Cheese that is somewhat widely available.

Yep, right here:

of course you need Prime or another $5 purchase to get the free ship

There’s a joke in there somewhere…

Hey all!

We’re lowering the price to $14.99! You can have all the cheese bites for less!

If you already purchased, we’ll be refunding the difference shortly!

Why all the carbs in the cheddar? Not very keto friendly :(.

Reviews for these aren’t very good. Get Moon Cheese instead. Available at Target, or on Amazon.

You’re matching the unit price available on the mother ship of $2.50/bag. So, if you’re worried these might be terrible, the Woot option is slightly less risky. If you are confident that they will be delicious, seems like you’d want to go ahead and get 8 instead of 6.

I’ll give them a try at this price!

The reviews aren’t great but there are only 2 and both were written by the same person. I bet they would be higher if not based on 1 lone individual.

I received mine today.

They are 100% cheese in a hard crunchy puff. Since they are all cheese, the cheese flavor is excellent. I think they are pretty darn tasty. If you are also a cheesehead you’ll like them too.