Air Defense

A cephalopod!! These are some of my favorite animals!!

Looks like BP has a new friend!

its this guy ruining our gulf vacation!

the use of cephalopod makes me happy. yeah mollusca

Oh man… this shirt is fantastic. Although… I didn’t realize they made that much ink. It looks like that oil spill everyone’s talking about.

Very nice use of negative space. Wow.

Is that squid flying? or just in a sea of clouds?

Considering the recent oil spill, this shirt might be too soon.

But it is adorable and I like the use of the shirt’s black color.

who else sees Beethovens head?

I’d buy it but I’m sure more than half the comments towards my shirt would be, “Is it pooping?”

Yes, people around here are not too smart.

Excellent EC!!

BP is killing that poor doggy

Am I the only one under the impression that the airborne cephalopod is… err… flipping the bird?

It would be true to the spirit of the design if it was printed on a blue shirt and all the black was ink. Not particularly logical or sensible, or within woot’s printing rules, but all kinds of hilarious.

This shirt is so great for clumsy students. Ink marks are so well camouflaged with this design!

Yay! SO happy this printed!!! :smiley: In for one! (huzzah for excessive use of exclamation marks!)

This is why octopus is so hard to eat! All of that muscle-work to expel the ink makes 'em tough and chewy.

Glad this printed. :slight_smile:

Are you sure thats not an alien rejoining the fleet?

Awesome sky squishy with escape trajectory!

In for one!