Air Guitar

This is quite possibly the best woot shirt ever.

ooooh, i dunno. i might be seeing this on the worst sellers list in the next 7 days.

Anyone catch the air guitarists on America’s Got Talent a couple of weeks ago? They were rocking. I admit it, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for air guitar.

If it’s a t-shirt celebrating air guitar, why can you see it?

I don’t get it?

weakest shirt currently!

So I get the Air Nike but…really? Really? This is one of those times where I’m reminded of the argument that Editor’s Choices from the derbies should happen more often.


I disagree. If this doesn’t sell out by noon, I’ll honestly be surprised.




Air drums not included.


I think you should prepare to be surprised, 'cause thing is not gonna sell out by noon. It might be the worst woot shirt ever.

Well, now I have something to wear to Rock Band night.

Will my RB2 instruments work with this shirt?

Time to shred this shirt, dude!!

You know who would look great in this shirt?*JbDIosKpubVCO1o_/Carl_ATHF.jpg

Led Zepplin - Black Dog

"Hey, Hey, Momma it’s in the way you move…
gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove…

Vowditty vowditty voditty vowditty. Vowdee vowditty vowditty vowditty vowditty. Vowdee vowditty vowditty vowditty vowditty. Vowdee vowditty vowditty vowditty vowditty."

Michael Jordan reference?

Nice concept, poorly executed.

i know 80s nostalgia is big, but I honestly find it very difficult to believe that many people are going to want a shirt parodying a shirt from the 80s that you coulda bought at kmart.